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I might have painted myself into a corner and I need some advice.

Content of the article: "I might have painted myself into a corner and I need some advice."

So in my current (homebrew) campaign, I've made the determination that Time is linear, and that if you travel through time and make a change then that change rolls forward and makes changes as necessary. Without extreme measures, everybody remember the change as "the way it's always been".

The BBEGs have found a way to travel through time, and made some changes. Through one of those extreme measures, the PCs remember "the way things used to be".

There is a way to fix it (of course) and the PCs are already on the quest to do so.

The problem that I suddenly discovered is that the original timeline takes place after an ecological disaster set off by a group the BBEGs were a subset of. The BBEGs were just as inconvenienced by this as the PCs Kingdom and so went back before this disaster and stopped it, then enacted their plan. If (when) the PCs go back and stop the BBEGs they will also be in a position to stop said ecological disaster. There is a Zero percent chance of them not stopping the BBEGs. My concern is that they will ALSO stop said ecological disaster, and it was enough of a disaster that there is a MUCH greater than Zero percent chance they'll decide to stop it. This will (by my own explanation of Time Travel that the PCs have already learned) basically erase the issue that caused them to go back in the first place, leaving them in a place that has no memory of what they've done. There is no Paradox, Time and Magic give no fucks and the Gods are just amused. No, the issue I have is that my Players are pretty smart and I'm concerned that they may figure this out before they get to what will essentially be the end of the Campaign and decide "What's the point?". Of course, that point will also essentially be the end of the Campaign, but I'd kind of like them to see it through…

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I really just want to see if anyone has an interpretation of this I may have overlooked.

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