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I missed Collvilles Campaign Diaries, so I made my own

Content of the article: "I missed Collvilles Campaign Diaries, so I made my own"


I started writing intros for my paid games, and pretty soon I had a whole campaign written up. I will be releasing an episode a week, and then moving onto my current campaign, as well as potential miniseries for my one shots and my call of cthulu and wrath and glory campaigns. I hope you enjoy, at least the first 3 minutes if not the whole thing with my ramble about the game. As the campaign progressed the intros got longer, so stay tuned for more violence and mayhem as my four dwarven players wreaked havoc on their way to Wave Echo Cave.

And for those of you who prefer not to read, here is the intro as I wrote it:

Four Dwarves, drawn together in the Service of Gundrun Rockseeker, have survived an ambush on the road to Phandalin. Brimblor Gnarlfists caution saved them from snares and pitfalls, while their combined might allowed them to triumph against a whole cave full of goblinoid foes. Saving Sildar, an Agent of the Lords Alliance, they heard that Gundrun was taken to the "Castle" by a mysterious "Black Spider". Earning rewards for delivering the Goods Gundrun had hired them to protect, and the recovered loot from the Goblin Cave, they tussled with the self appointed "Red Brands" and followed tip offs from the Inn Keepers son, which lead them through a tunnel to a mysterious cave. Bribing the one eyed inhabitant with magically enhanced rations to let them past. Mormiir Darlan, Brothers Likar and Bikar Bearforge and Brimblor Gnarlfist found mixed human and goblinoid tracks. Bursting through the door they slaughtered their way through the redbrands and their bugbear allies, capturing two. After freeing some captives and allowing some of the redbrands to flee, they were crossed the chasm in the centre of the mansion when they were confronted by the one eyed monster they had earlier passified.

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