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I nearly killed my whole group and need help to resolve the situation!

Content of the article: "I nearly killed my whole group and need help to resolve the situation!"

So, I am a new DM, playing with a group of new players. I chose LMoP as our first campaign and so far, they completed everything besides cragmaw Castle and the mine itself.

Today they went into cragmaw castle after they found out about its location from the druid in thundertree last session. Everything went pretty smooth, they cleared everything without taking too much damage themselves. At the end they killed the "Drow" and let the King flee.

At this point I wanted to challenge them a bit more and threw the optional group of 3 hobgoblins and 2 wolves at them, who returned from a hunt right when they wanted to leave the castle. As I expected, the players started negotiating with them, rather than instantly attacking (they usually try to find a peaceful way, no murder hobos) and everything was already settled and they were allowed to just leave… When one of the hobgoblins presented its hunting trophy, the head of an elf. At this moment the wizard (an elf herself) snapped and just threw her very last spell at them, starting a fight.

This was when everything went downhill very quickly. They had very bad luck with their rolls while the hobgoblins hit everytime. One of the fighters was at zero three times causing the cleric to be out of spellslots and all healing potions had been used. The whole group was below 10hp while they had only managed to kill one of the hobgoblins, the rest of them still being completely unharmed.

At this point I started hinting at them that it was not looking good and if they kept fighting, it was very possible that they might all die. After a long discussion they decided to give up and they were taken as prisoners, all their equipment and weapons taken away. The thief at least managed to hide a few lock picks in his boot.

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This was where we stopped and being the unexperienced DM that I am, I am unsure what to do next. I don't want the escape to be too easy, because I feel like they would feel no consequences for their actions this way, but I don't want to accidentally kill them all, like it nearly happened before.

Was it a mistake to add the additional group of enemies or could I have handled the situation differently? I don't like fudging dice rolls, but maybe it would have been better to do it?

Any input would be appreciated, I really don't know how to handle the prison break here. I want it to be challenging, but not too much life threatening 😀

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