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I need help for my post session review

Content of the article: "I need help for my post session review"

Hi guys,

I posted here two weeks ago and you guys gave me a lot of advice so I'm back 🙂 !

I'm re-starting as a DM (after a years-long break) and I'm running Curse of Strahd (gothic horror medieval campaign on DnD 5e) with 5 friends.

Since our group is quite new to the game, we decided that each player would do a "post session recap" on our discord so that they can share what they thought of the session and I can better understand their likes/dislikes to adapt the campaign a bit.

The current content of the post session recap is : Personnal / Team / DM / Rythm / How much the player wants to play again.

We are 3 sessions in and for the first two session it was a virtuous circle, everyone was super enthusiast about the game, the situation, the RP opportunities, … so all of the recaps were massively positive and created a lot of hype for everyone (and motivation for me).

Last session, the player arrived in the Durst Manor (a haunted house were some noble performs bloody rituals with cultist to try to win immortality which is kinda the tutorial for the fighting oriented mechanics of the game) and some problems appeared in the team.

After the session, each player wrote their recap and 3/5 were super happy while the other 2 had a lot more critics. I tried to take the time to answer each of them but there's a lot more to answer on a "bad review" than on a good one.

I feel that overall our current review system is as much a virtuous circle as it is a vicious one. When all critics are good, it's hyping people a lot but when some bad critics happens and I take time to answer it seems to turn into a huge ball of negativity for the group (I still have not discuss that with all the player but that's what i'm feeling).

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I still think that having a post session review is super useful to improve my dming and so that the player can be heard and I can (if necessary) adapt the campaign to their needs. But I don't think that our current system will work on the long term (since a "bad session" for certain players seems to absorb all the good ones).

I'm currently thinking about talking about it with all the players and maybe making a more positive game oriented post session review template : What was the part that you like the most / What was the funniest moment / When did you were really creeped out / … while letting them address their complain to me in private and not in public.

How do you guys manage your post session review ? Do you even do them ? What's your experience with them ? All advices are welcome !

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