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I need ideas for traps and whatnot to make the parties life hell al la Tuckers Kobolds

Content of the article: "I need ideas for traps and whatnot to make the parties life hell al la Tuckers Kobolds"

As the title says I am planning a oneshot that is along the lines of Tuckers Kobolds. For those of you who dont know the story of Tuckers Kobolds the TL:DR of it is that a DM by the name Tucker ran a game where his party was tasked with clearing out a kobold nest. Sounds simple right? Well in fact it was so full of traps and murder holes that the party paid for every square with a gallon of blood.

I want to try something like this for a oneshot on a server Im a part of (I will be making the difficulty known upfront so the player are forewarned about what is expected of them). Its going to be for Tier 3 characters and due to the nature of the server I have no idea what characters, races, or classes will be brought in. Also, I am going to use goblins instead of kobolds because I like them better.

The reason I am asking for help is because I normally dont like to play the antagonistic GM style and I want to give it a try for this oneshot.

Here are my ideas so far:

  1. No torches. Anyone without darkvision is now blind or they have to make themselves an easier target for the Goblins.
  2. Single file. The majority of this will be single file so the party cant maneuver around that easily.
  3. Weapon disadvantages. Many larger weapons will have disadvantage to attack throughout these tunnels so if you were planning to use a long bow or a greatsword guess again.
  4. Vertical climbs. The party will run into places where they have to make a vertical climb which means that they will have to put away their weapons and shields. And that not to say that the way up is not trapped or doesnt have a murderhole or a shooting blind at the top.
  5. Vertical descents, With oil down the sides so that they cant grab and end up falling and taking damage.
  6. Double traps. Many traps will have secondary traps so if the person disabling the traps doesnt make a high enough check to disable the acid they might get hit with a boulder from the ceiling.
  7. Numerous damage types. So far I have plans for bludgeoning, piercing, fire, acid, and poison damage types.
  8. Murderholes and Shooting blinds/nests. AS stated above there will be murderholes and shooting blinds as well as plenty of goblins to man them. Generally at the end of long hallways so it takes the party a long time to reach them.
  9. Switchbacks and sudden turns. Lots of them. Effectively negating any ranged attack unless the tank up front also happens to use a ranged weapon.
  10. Magical Traps. Just because they are goblins doesnt mean that they dont have access to magic. So areas where spells have been cast like darkness, fear, heat metal, etc. are not to be unexpected. So the party can either deal with it or they can spend higher level spell slots to end the effect.
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