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I need serious advice about how to handle a disruptive player long story and poorly written sorry.

Content of the article: "I need serious advice about how to handle a disruptive player long story and poorly written sorry."

In this case, this player is a really really close person to me i'll call her Ada, ill try to sum up the experience so far.

I'm not a new DM i've been doing it for about 10 years on and off usually when i handle disruptive players i take them aside and discuss with them how they picture their experience playind DnD so far it has been a success because most of the times i correct murder hobos before they even begin to show intention.

in this case i have a table of 5 players 4 being extremely new including Ada and a veteran close friend of mine which joined and it's helping me "guide" them and losing all that shyness since he likes to roleplay changing his voice and is a treat to play with.

We have been playing only 3 times

1st time Ada (Tiefling with high char) decided to intimidate an old man by putting a knife to his neck in broad daylight in the market, thankfully their party members made a distraction and it went unnoticed i recommended her to intimidate in another way which is possible you don't need to pull a dagger in someones throat to intimidate she could even use persuassion, i let it through shenanigans passed and im planning whenever they return to that town to have some posters of badly sketched faces that resemble them just as a nod to what they did.

i spoke with her and told her that there are plenty of ways to dealing with those situations that DnD is "real" and every action has a reaction and she is puting her teammates in problem if things went south, she laughed at (not in a bad way but i thought that was the last thing i would see that)

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2d session she tried to intimidate a really cheerful barkeeper that they met i made clear several times that in the tavern there was a DragonBorn which a huge scar in his face that seemed closed to the barkeeper.

Ada of course pulled the same stuff and draw her dagger to his throat she rolled a 19 intimidation, the Gnome began to cry and screaming for his life, the Dragonborn stepped in and she tried to stab him, another new player came into her defense and threw a tomahawk into his direction which missed.

the veteran player stepped aside and told me he had nothing to do with that, i had no patience for that so i made him a fighter (which he was but it wasnt meant to be a combat) and 1 shotted them both because that shit doesnt roll on my table i truly dislike murder hobos and truly dislike disruptive gameplay if everyone one is x/Good.

so far i tried to remember them both that they were good and adventurers they are not assassins and every action has a reaction they can't go drawing knives and throwing tomahawks and expecting nothing to happend or everyone to surrender to them.

i tought they got it at least X player did.

soooo…. they healed and everything else and they went into a cavern loads of fresh corpses laying around Ada which is a warlock decides to head in the veteran player a Dwarf Fighter told her to stay behind, she charged in.

she got ambushed by 4 goblins, almost ko'd in first round by bad luck, Ada retreated but got hit by a goblin (i thew a dice in front of them she was number 3).

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koe'd they healed session ended and it was the end, i again tried to spoke with Ada i wanted to see what she was expecting from this game because i think i cant deliver it to her, probably im not their type of DM this is her 2d session ever but her gameplay clearly goes against everyone else in the party and the DM.

3rd session came in Ada told me she didn't wanted to play because everything she does goes bad and she pays for it (Are you fucking kidding me…).

i don't know what to do, Ada told me she does want to keep playing but kicking her is not an option since we are really close.

how can i start to fix this behaviour i might have been to harsh to her but i don't know how else to speak with her about this issue she is the only one behaving like this.

thanks for reading.

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