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I need some advice !

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I need some advice, I threw rot rubs at my party for the first time last night and the fighter barbarian got infested with them and used his first turn trying to run into things to hard enough to damage himself in an attempt to damage the grubs and I wasn’t sure how to handle this as far as concussive force damaging the grubs, Then the next two players tried their own approach, one attempted to cut the grubs out which once again I didn’t know how to handle because there’s nothing in the stat block whatsoever about it, it just states fire to kill them or a cure disease effect and the other player actually put the grubs to sleep so they had a little bit of time to figure something out then he used the thunder clap spell once again didn’t know how to handle how that would affect the grubs, the barbarians second turn came around and he didn’t know what to do so they use their turn trying to get back to civilization to have a healer help them he ended up making it but just barely, at the very last second He dropped to zero hit points but the Artificer Cleric casted spare the dying and stabilized him as another cleric casted lesser restoration on him and killed the grubs. The player of the barbarian has had a serious blow to his morale when faced with the mortality of his character, he says he has problems separating his personal emotions from those of his characters. Now he’s just very unenthusiastic and unmotivated about playing he says he really wants to he’s just having a hard time getting back into it. I know I was wrong in the way I handled it I was just need advice on how to handle it the next time what are alternative ways for players to harm rot grabs? I feel like maybe the concussive force of him running into things or that of the thunder clap could have actually done damage I just wasn’t sure I definitely wasn’t sure about the whole cutting them out because of the stop like it says they can squeeze through a space big enough for one Maggot so I didn’t think it was realistic for them to try to cut these multiple grubs out but I digress help me please.

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