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I need some input on this sentient magic weapon

Content of the article: "I need some input on this sentient magic weapon"

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I've been planning on introducing a sentient, fairly powerful weapon to my game. I like weapons that grow with their wielders. This weapon is actually fairly plot important, so I want it to be something they aren't just going to toss away. However, I don't want it to be too powerful. So, here goes.

Enderatta, Life's Limit:

This weapon is an embodiment of the god of contest, strength, and power. This sentient weapon pushes its wielder to their absolute limits, in order to strengthen them and pursue the thrill of success.

Flexible form: Enderatta can be whatever weapon her wielder wishes. Over the course of a short rest, the wielder can request that she change her form into any weapon on the Equipment table. If she becomes a ranged weapon, the ammunition is still required.

Ability Score Increases: Enderatta increases the capacity of her wielder. She can increase any ability scores by a number equal to the wielder's proficiency score. These increases can be split up among as many ability as the wielder desires. (Example: a level 10 character has a proficiency bonus of 4. They can increase a score by 4, or four scores by 1 each, etc.) The ability scores can be increased to a maximum of 22. Unattuning from this weapon decreases the scores back to their original level. The increased scores can be redistributed if the wielder takes 24 hours to meditate and beseech her to do so.

Conditions: Enderatta requires a lot from her wielder, and can take her displeasure out on them if they disappoint her. If a week of in game time passes without the wielder pushing themselves to their limits(falling unconscious in battle, using more than 75% of spell slots, rolling a number of number of nat 20s equal to their proficiency bonus), the wielder will begin taking points of exhaustion. Each day that these "requirements" are not met, the wielder will receive a point of exhaustion. When Enderatta feels they have pushed themselves, the increases will stop, but the exhaustion remains until removed by the typical methods.

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Separation: If this weapon is unattuned, or its wielder dies, Enderatta will remain for 1 hour. After that time, if she does not get a new wielder, she will disappear, and travel through the Ethereal Plane to the temple vault which is her home, where she will await her next wielder.

Thanks for any input. Is this too powerful? Is it too shrimpy? I want this to be a cool thing, not a throwaway item, but I don't want it to be a curse either.

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