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I need your help and clever tips to help sow discord and chaos

Content of the article: "I need your help and clever tips to help sow discord and chaos"

Hello guys, I turn to my brilliant brothers and sisters of Reddit in need of clever advice – I am starting a campaign today and the setting is placed in a massive city torn by several factions, races and guilds competing eachother for resources and power. The character's goal is to destroy this system from within – My GM is an incredibly smart individual and I am aware he will not be lenient on me while I attempt to achieve such a task.

Therefore I turn to you, the reader and I ask for advice and ideas on how I should go about it.The character starts as musician in an inn, he has lived in this city his entire life – this was his plan since youth because his family was directly killed because of these faction-conflicts. He waited for the right moment. He starts with 2 contacts (A forger whose a dear friend of his) and another forced contact, a low-ranking individual he is blackmailing that is a member of one of the guilds/factions.

He started as a musician because that will enable him to be at certain places and listen to certain individuals without looking suspicious, later on perhaps joining as a part of a musical display in an important individual's house – essentially granting him access to places he wouldn't otherwise be able to reach.

How would you suggest I should go about it? The goal is to sow discord and conflict whilst attracting as little attention to myself as possible until the time is ripe.

The character is a rogue, we play 5E homebrew.

Main goals are to climb ranks and status within the city and break the factions from within.

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He specializes in deception, has something alike to disguise kit, and is familiar with the two most spoken Languages in that world – Common and Elven. Any suggestions or intricate plans or clever idaes are so very welcome and appreciate! Thank you all.

Here's some example questions:

How should I start pitting the factions and guilds against one another?
How do I gain trust and climb the ranks within one (or more) factions?
What kind of sources of information do I need to be able to manipulate this chess game effectively and how do I get them?
How do I keep low profile until I believe I am strong/established enough to reveal my identity and when is that stage?

Any expansions would be greatly appreciated!

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