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I need your opinion about my DM and what should I do

(it is my first post ever, so if you feel like it, point out my mistakes, but don't destroy me, please) (also I swore here a few times, just so you know) (also it is a long one)


> I was searching around me for anyone who played dnd, so they could teach me at least the basic basics and maybe explain some rules, but after about 2 months I gave up. Although, I didn't give up completely. I started watching a lot of videos about dnd, reading stories, and pages on wikis about races, classes, items, game mechanics, etc for around 13 months, so I can become a DM myself. If you think it is overkill, I quite possibly had only one chance, because I didn't have many friends keen on playing dnd at all, and I didn't want to make their first experience bad.

Let the story begin:

> I finally found a DM, he is a good friend, I am not sure why I didn't ask him if he know about dnd and if he had a chance to play it, but when he told me that he is preparing for the next campaign that I can be part of, I was over the moon.

Session 0

> This session was mostly aimed at meeting people who I will play with through discord.

> Party is pretty cool, although one guy is almost always silent, mostly just chatting with the DM on private chat. But they all seem to be quite good people to play with.

> I want to play as gnome ranger (I know that ranger is often called a bad class, but I wanted to see if it is really so bad or is it just an exaggeration) (also DM decided not to say where the campaign will take place, so now my ranger perks are as good as gone.)

> Whole party never actually played dnd, so I try to help DM with helping fresh players to make characters.

> Turns out that DM added a lot of homebrew stuff, and changed a lot of things from the original dnd in his campaign.

> Changes included fact that I was forced to have magic class, while other players didn't have to have anything related to magic.

> I am just skeptical about that, but I tried not to think about it, and I chose multiclassing warlock because it was the only class I could fit my backstory so it could still have any kind of sense.

> Next homebrew thing was a massive hp and dmg boost. For comparison, my hp went from 8 to 30, but for some reason, dmg was only increased for enemies.

> I start to worry that fighting 2 goblins will take 4 hours since we will deal like 6 dmg per player, while goblins have over 50 hp.

> DM says that some spells won't be allowed, but he doesn't say which spells, or he changed the way they work.

> Now each time I cast a spell, the DM can change d10 to d4 if he feels like it, and I can't go back because he already rolled for it.

> I start to get salty that he doesn't tell us about stuff like that unless it is too late.

> Next things are that instead of using d20, he uses 2d20 for skill checks.

> I don't like it because randomness and nat1s and nat20s make a lot of wholesome or very funny moments.

> I argued with the DM for a few hours that half of the people in the campaign don't care if he uses d20 or 2d20, while I and another guy want normal d20, so he should use d20 because more people would enjoy it. We finally convinced him.

> DM makes new character abilities to roll for, like speed or defense and a few others, also instead of normal rolls, he uses d20. AND you needed 15 or up for +1 mod.

> I am trying to ignore it at this point.

> DM spoilers final boss fight. Then he said that the campaign will have at least 100 sessions and that players' choices won't matter.

> I think 100 is too much for the first campaign.

First session

> I have to wake up at 5 am on weekends because of time zones.

> Only me and DM (who appeared 30 minutes after the time he set) are ready to play.

> Bcs I don't want to make DM feel sad that he can't play, so I ask him if he wants to make a one shot, kinda like a prologue for his campaign, he seems to be happier.

> Long story short, he made every roll, and all of them were hidden, which is usually okay, but all of my rolls were below 5 beside one which was 8.

> He rolled for everything, and I mean everything. Do you want to drop a completely normal item? Roll for it, DM says it is 2, so I get damaged.

Do you want to walk? Roll for it.

> Almost die at the end because almost every roll damaged me.

Also, the DM doesn't use any board at all, or anything working as aboard. I have no idea if my spell will reach enemies unless I ask the DM about where the enemies are.

Campaign number 2. Next week

> Wake up at 5 am again, just to see the DM be late again, as well as other players.

> After 30 minutes DM is there, with another player, but still too little for the actual game.

> DM makes another one shot.

> It is just a level 1 two player party.

> DM decided that baby kraken will be a good enemy.

> I am narrowed down to ranger, because all of my spells are either not able to work underwater, or the DM turned them off.

> Realizes I have only one spell which will work "charm person"

> Casts it and asks for advantage because I am a ranger.

> DM agrees and says it is nat 1 anyways.

> DM says that now baby kraken will rape my character, because nat 1.

> DM, even though I say I don't want it, describes how my character gets raped on a rock by baby kraken.

> Other party members get 5 magic items from a big pile of treasure, and a shit ton of gold, while I get only one item: a broken immovable rod.

> I donate a huge part of my gold to my patreon so they will fix my rod.

> it works, I have almost no gold left, but at least I have an uncommon rod.

Fast skip to the third session.

> DM and 2 other players appear in time.

> First player is a human who has 5 magic items and is loaded with gold.

> Second one is aarakocra.

> We start a "normal" game.

> Tavern

> I ask DM if I can ask the bartender if there are any rumors about any job to get, or maybe ask for any news (giving DM a chance for plot hooks)

> DM ignores me

> Aaracockra asks for a drink.

> DM rolls for some reason.

> DM decides that bartender is a simp and gives aarakocra all of his gold.


> 2 players go to an inn while I search for a quest board.

> DM makes a roll

> Nat 1

> I fell at a random portal.

> See my patreon masturbating for some fucking reason.

> Fall back through that portal.

> DM describes how my character broke every one of their bones, including spine and skull because of that nat 1 I rolled while walking around town.

> Spend 8 in game hours on the floor, outside, on a cold night while my party is in the inn.

> Bartender somehow now is a cleric, fixes my bones, but my health is permanently lowered to 8 hp.

> Well, you will see if having 8 hp was a good idea.

In session 0, I said that my hp is 8 (I chose 8 from the warlock class, not 10 from the ranger, so I won't be too op) before he mentioned the fact about hp and dmg boost for enemies.
Let me remind you. Only enemies have boosted dmg. All enemies deal around 10 dmg per hit.

> DM says he won't let the game continue today, because we are terrible at rp in his opinion.

We are all newbies, dm ignores what I say, and then break my character spine because yes and then talks shit about us for not being good in rp, when he doesn't give us chance to rp, and even if I would have a chance for rp, I am still fucking paralyzed.

Session 4
No one shows up beside me, not even the DM. He didn't inform any of us that he wouldn't play that day.

Also, if you think I did anything wrong to deserve this, the worst thing I did was the fact that I chosen for my patreon a demon inside a brick… DM even didn't mind it, and I didn't do anything bad in a game like being a murder hobo, or even have a chance to, because from the very beginning I was either being busy by stuff like being raped by a big squid or having spine broken.

Am I spoiled by seeing so much good dnd for the past 13 months, or should I leave this group?


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