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“I plane shift to the Feywild”

Be me, lizardfolk ranger that puts his own survival above all else

Party learns of secret meeting of powerful evil guys we plan to fight once we are stronger, many levels down the line

Decide to take the opportunity to do some espionage, get to know our enemies a little better

I cast Pass Without Trace to allow the whole party to infiltrate the lair

During the infiltration, the rogue sneaks off from the group without our knowledge due to absurdly high stealth rolls

The rest of the party gets within earshot of the meeting and listens in for a little bit, before…

We watch the rogue suddenly just walk right up into the meeting in disguise and tries asking questions

She did not tell anyone else of this plan

Her conversation goes poorly, both in terms of what she says and what she rolls

Evil guys grow clearly aggressive

I cast Fog Cloud around her, attempting to aid her in escaping

I realize in doing so, I dropped concentration on Pass Without Trace, and the whole party is spotted


Roll Initiative.

The fight goes terribly. It's a slaughter.

BBEG is engaged with me. Already one member down, everyone else losing half their HP per hit

Seems foolish for my character to even be attempting this fight as a crude survivalist, but I have a backup plan. I am only fighting as long as I am not at risk of going down.

However, I do not account for the BBEG's legendary actions, and I go from healthy to low HP in a single round, and BBEG has one more legendary action left…

Attacks me one more time before my turn arrives

Only I know what I'm about to do, nobody else knows just how much I want to take my turn, nobody else knows how much I'm shaking in my seat…

Rolls a 2, with his +14 to attack, missing my AC by just 1

I survive, and my turn arrives

I pull out a chimera heart, a magic item that allows the holder to travel to another plane as an action, once.

I got it multiple months ago IRL time and everyone else forgot it existed, even DM. I had been saving for the right moment.

I turn to party and say, "You brought this upon yourselves. I will not die here. Goodbye."

To DM: "I plane shift to the Feywild"

The look on the party's faces is priceless

Our warlock tries to counterspell

Fails, it's not a spell

I have the biggest grin on my face

The DM is clearly taken aback by my decision, but yet, it works

I am instantly transported to the peaceful Feywild, where I find the nearest shallow pool of water to rest and heal my wounds, meanwhile the rest of the party is chaotically fighting, dying, or running away

Out of character I let the party know that I didn't want to leave them, but my character is not the type to stay and fight when the odds are against him, and normal retreat was no longer an option

They understand, and later consider the whole situation incredibly funny

I fully expected this to be the end of my character, and if things played out differently it very well could have been

However our merciful DM used a divine intervention failsafe from our past to bring the whole party back together out of danger as soon as one member died, including bringing me back from the Feywild and bringing back the killed player

All's well that ends well, although my lizard is a little upset, considering he thought he was done with these crazy 'soft skins' and could live out his life in peace

Going forward literally every caster in the party picked up plane shift as soon as they could to prevent similar situations from happening in the future

Also became a table meme that whenever something goes poorly, the plan is to "plane shift to the Feywild"

Easily my favorite moment from that entire multi-year long campaign.

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