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I Ported 74 Spells from AD&D to 5e (So You Don’t Have To)

Hello! I am an avid D&D player and a filthy min-maxer have a passion for making unique builds and exploring the rules. I also happened to stumble across an old AD&D book named WIZARD SPELL COMPENDIUM, in all of its 4 volumes glory. I was fascinated by its contents and decided that some of these spells deserved a place in 5e.

I will now write down my findings, how I did this, why I did this and all the details. If you don't want to read that, just skip to the blue links below~

How does an AD&D book read like to a 5e player?

Not very well, turns out. They have very different systems, THACO, dweomers, and all sorts of things I just had to glaze my eye over and ignore. Also, lot of the spells are made for very specific purposes (Protection from Birds drew a giggle out of me), or didn't age well (Summon Equine Beings only lets you summon unicorns if you're female). Those were the most interesting bits I learned from it, and how the ancients (Some of them who might still be here?) played D&D.

Why those 74?

The 4 volumes together have over 1000 pages, and I had to handpick the ones I thought fit 5e, filled a niche that was not in the game yet, or strengthened archetypes/flavors that needed some love (Necromancers being a big one). I don't need to explain why "Protection from Gases, 5' Radius" didn't make the cut.

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How close are these spells to their AD&D counterparts?My main goal going into these was to keep as much as I could, while also keeping it balanced. Some levels were changed, the damages were almost entirely redone to fit 5e, and some of these cut effects or added completely new ones, but always with the goal of keeping the spirit of the original. Some of these are still underpowered, maybe some of these are still overpowered (haha, 20d10 go brr), but porting, much like translating a language, is not just a copy-paste process, and changes had to be made.

Where is Sticks to Snakes?

Not in this book. I too was sorely disappointed.

And here are the spells~



1st level:



Detho's Delirium

Drenal's Amok Needles



Healing Dream


Suric's Swift Perusal

2nd level:

Agra's Ambush

Augment Undead


Bowgentle's Fleeting Journey


Feather Foot

Fool's Speech

Seal Mouth


3rd level:

Acid Lash


Alamir's Fundamental Breakdown


Basilisk Gaze



Delay Death




Otiluke's Force Umbrella

Scalding Spout

Tenser's Deadly Strike

4th level:

Agitate Wounds


Bubble Breath


Lightning Cloak


There/Not There

Turn Pebble to Boulder

Wind Blade

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5th level:

Belsham's Mace

Death Spider


Enchanted Mirrors

Fallion's Fabulous Fireball


Gambler's Luck

Jaggar's Strengthened Bastion

Lightning Curtain

Nystul's Radiant Arch


Sacremon's Acrid Wit

6th Level

Barrier Reaver



Dead Man's Eyes

Flame of Justice

Great Shout

Imbue Undead

Teleport Other

Thultaun's Thrust

Undead Regeneration

7th level:

Nerve Dance

Strahd's Malefic Meld


Temporal Eye


Water Form

8th level:

Finding the Center

Temporary Resurrection

9th level:Combine

Mycontil's Last Resort

I hope you enjoy them! Making them was a huge chore, but knowing others will use this in their games makes it all worth it.

If you have feedback on any of them, positive or negative, feel free to comment.

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