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I really love the relationship between the cleric and paladin

Content of the article: "I really love the relationship between the cleric and paladin"

I finally stopped being the DM in my group, and the former DM is back at the reins.

For his homebrew campaign, I made a half-drow twilight cleric of Eilistraee. For those unaware, Eilistraee’s clergy has some pretty damn weird, at least in 2e (I think). These include wearing minimal clothing during their nightly rituals of dancing alone, as well as dancing around a sword they forged, letting some of their blood get onto it to receive Eilistraee’s blessing. So yeah, pretty damn weird. Combined with the Entertainer background, she’s easily the most ‘Bard’ Cleric I’ve made, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I heard that a friend of mine was going to make a aasimar paladin of devotion. At first, I was skeptical due to their typical personality traits. Let me tell you; this paladin is an absolute stereotype of the Crusader Paladin.

|| And I wouldn’t want it any other way ||

Although he’s pretty damn anti-fun, the paladin is incredibly melodramatic in battle; only to have an absolute curse to himself and his enemies, resulting in many, many, many nat 1s being rolled.

We’ve had some pretty fun banter amongst ourselves, what with the paladin’s self-importance and the cleric’s devil-may-care attitude. Oddly enough, the cleric and paladin seem to be friends? They shared some personal stories pretty soon after meeting each other, the paladin stands vigil during the cleric’s bizarre rituals which he seems to tolerate. We truly have become the God-Squad. However, what I personally can’t wait for is when the LG paladin and the CG cleric disagree on something, specifically on the topic of redemption. Sure, they’re both firmly good-aligned, but they seem to have completely different views on that topic specifically. The paladin seems to favor the ‘Smite First’ approach, and due to the cleric’s family history, her flaw is her willingness to see the good in people. So hopefully something like that comes up, because that’ll be dope.

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Anyway, thanks for reading through this nonsensical appreciation post of mine.

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