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i really really hope the next MTG campaign setting is innistrad

Content of the article: "i really really hope the next MTG campaign setting is innistrad"

yes yes i know this sub seems to hate them. & yes i know the obvious retort on most of the subs lips on a innistrahd crossover . just make ravenloft !

well. I. as in me MY OPINION. like the mtg crossovers! each one has come with updates on a 5e mechanics guilds & piety and has intresting classes magic items & monsters

reasons why i think it could be innistrahd & what i want to see


1 college of spirits bard & undead warlock UA ( if we get more gothic horror subclasses its pretty much a given)

2 innistrahd is getting two. card sets in 2021. as compared to a brand new plane (Viking) or zendakir only getting one

3 curse of strahd revamped they already have been doing gothic horror stuff why not continue?

stuff i would like to see

1st & ive been wanting this forever! Better way for pcs to play vampire & werewolf characters!!! god please or even how to become a lich

2 update sanity rules /possession/ tie it to slowly going evil

3 more necromancy spells & items along with celestial stuff


bard college of spirits

warlock. undead

palidin fighter or cleric. inquisitor

artificer nercromage probably renamed but on innistrahd artificers use souls to power machines & flamethrower like weapons

barbarian path of the moon or path of the wolf (depends on if they redo lycanthropy)

path of blood. (the weaker you get the stronger you get ) or tie it to sacrificing hit dice


tie it into if you land a killing blow you regain hp or can make more attacks

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rogue phantom/undead (if its not coming out in tashas)

ranger. path of the divine/ night. make it specifically about tracking & killing undead

sorcoror deadblood. make it a really good summoning class or buff undead. new metamagic to buff corporal and ghoast like undead

what would you want to see out of a innistrad setting book. ?

do you think its possible/ likely as the next mtg book why or why not?

if your going to complain about reeee no more mtg crossover reeee planescape (or whatever old setting you like) make your own thread ill ingnire you WOTC is going to keep making them. & apperently they sell well so obviously there's 5e players that like them. so thiers profit to be made . i personally really really like them ravnica bieng my favorite setting in 5e period


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