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I recently started DnD and I want to make a dungeon map for our campaign. This is my first draft. What do you thing?

I recently started DnD and I want to make a dungeon map for our campaign. This is my first draft. What do you thing?


There are 2 ways to enter. One is the main entrance and the other in a cave you can enter from the left side of the map.

The only structure you can see from above the ground is a dome like structure that has an opening on the roof (like the colosseum) with one entrance. (It can be used as a third entrance).To the center of the room there is a spiral staircase that leads to the next room of the dungeon. My plan is to have some bandits here that are planning to enter the tomb, they have already sent a scout inside.

2) After you use the stairs you enter a long corridor and the first thing you see is the bandit scout that is trapped (maybe he was hit with a paralysis spell).He asks for your help. You have the option to help him, let him there or kill him. If you help him he can give you some gold and a books that can help navigate the dungeon and solve some of riddles and traps. If you kill him you will get the gold and the book. The downside is that he used a cypher on the book that the players will have to find to use the book. Now if you let him there the curse will fade after a while and when you return he will attack to take whatever you have find inside.

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1) A set of metal axes that swing from the ceiling, you can use a statue you found in the entrance to break the contraptions or you can run very fast.

3) A church like room with an altar and a large carpet .The only problem is that if you step on the carpet you will fall on a spike trap. In the end of the room you can find a fake wall. (The carpet has a beautiful image of someone falling from a cliff)

4) This is a room very similar with the previous one only that it doesn’t have any deadly traps and also has some interesting loot a ceremonial knife. I still don’t know where I will use it.

5) In the wall outside the room in written. <<Only in the darkness you can speak to the gods>> .My first option is to have the room filled with explosive gas so when they enter the room and have torches boom. The second option is to have the ghost of the man that it buried inside to talk to them if there is total darkness. Maybe I will use both.

6)I simple combat encounter .The players will have to fight some flying insects while they try to cross the bridge .Below the bridge will be either a bottomless pit ,some spikes or maybe a magic lake that will make you throw all you magical – Heavy items to stay in the surface.

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7)The room has 2 floors, Through the if you used the main entrance you will see a bridge that you simple have to pass to go to the next area .On the sides there are 2 stairs that lead down. Here there are some old sarcophagus and some insect eggs as well some bugs that guard them.

8) The room is a square that inside has another sarcophagus.(I haven’t found something for this yet)

9) The left entrance, beware it has bugs.

10) Hidden treasure room. Here you will piles of gold and other valuable things, beware the room is filled with a dangerous mold.

11) Sawblades from Indiana Jones and the last crusade, (I realized that after I made the room) the inscription outside the room says <<Only those that kneel can see the god>>

12) Fake tomb with a puzzle, WIP (I don’t know what I will put there)

13) The room it divided in two by an underground river. On one side there is an undead (MUMMY) archer. The only way to reach the archer without any special abilities is to jump through the river. Beware because the sides are slippery and there is a chance you will fall to the river. Don’t worry you can try to climb grab the edge of one the bridges and rise back to your feet. You didn’t roll well enough, don’t worry one of your friends can throw a rope to catch you, what do you mean he threw the rope WITHOUT HOLDING IT. Well if your friends don’t save you I hope you know swimming because you will fall from an underwater waterfall (For now that mean death).

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14) Final boss battle with the lord of the undead and some of his minions. When he dies you get your macguffin and the key for the secret treasure room.

So this is my plan, what do you thing?


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