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I think I wasted three wishes.

Content of the article: "I think I wasted three wishes."

I participated in a one shot last night playing a a tiefling hexblade / samurai. The DM approved a 3rd party book with some powerful spells to we were already excited.

It was a high level campaign with a party of 5 17lvl players against an evil wizard. The DM had us pull from the deck of many things beforehand and I turned out to have the most fortunate draw pulling the Silvery Moon and getting 3 wishes out of it. Needless to say we were floored. During the course of the one shot we ran into a puzzle room. I decided to cast anti-magic field in an attempt to simply walk through and open the door that had already been “knocked” on. It turned out it wasn’t a solution and I kept it up until it turned out to be a liability.

The second wish I used on a simulacrum before the final fight. I wound up creating a character reason for wanting this and figured it would be fun to play my char twice as much rather than simply end the boss before it started.

Combat with the final boss proved way too much for us ultimately dealing massive damage with spells and minions. My simulacrum didn’t even get a turn in. After nearly going down I had my char wish for “the power to win” against the boss, (She isn’t too bright) giving us a slew of benefits equivalent to the boss’s. Things like advantages on saving throws against magic and magic damage resistance were taken.

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I took massive negs for this wish considering it was outside a spell <=8th and very nearly died. The wizards turn/lair action ensured I and another party member did. A few others were on the ropes. At this point it was clear we wouldn’t win on our own. We had barely damaged him. There was some confusion over my wish count at this point since my DM misunderstood me “casting” anti-magic field and actually gave me a wish back. As soon as I was up I true polymorphed the wizard into a frog. He had several slots for counter spell but at this point we were all tired and wanted it to be over. And sure enough I died from the backlash.

After the game we talked about balance issues and things I could have spent my wishes on considering the campaign was not balanced around that at all. I’m not so familiar with upper level Dnd but I can’t help but feel that if I had been more intelligent or imaginative then we could have had a better chance and more fun.

Tldr: spent three wishes on anti-magic field which wasn’t helpful, a simulacrum that died instantly, a magic buff once we were already below half health, and a bonus wish to just kill the boss at the end.

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