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I think our dm is tired of the Combat being too easy…

Content of the article: "I think our dm is tired of the Combat being too easy…"

So during our last session we were in the shadowfell and a king of a town gave us a quest to slay something the dm titles “flesh weavers” so anyways we head south and kill one of the flesh weavers’s apprentices who fell swiftly. So we pick up some tracks and open a trap door that descends and behold, a dungeon. So anyways after doing some exploring of an underground crypt of what we can guess to be an ancient foe, we deduce that the flesh weaver was doing experiments with humanoids and converting them to undead abominations, that can be described as a bunch of humans compacted into a ball. So after some exploring we finally go to where we know to be its throne room with the use of Arcane Eye and here’s where it gets fun. The throne room which is reached by going down a very extended hallway has a sort of “if you’re immune to frightened then you don’t have to make this save thing which isn’t even the frightened condition”, once you enter you immediately have to make a DC 19 or potentially higher (cause an 18 failed) wisdom save or be paralyzed with roundly saves that cost an action, ok cool, only thing that saved me the second time was bless and advantage from an ally assisting in a sort of medicinal relaxation he’s familiar with. So let’s get into the actual fight now, to start after about two rounds 4 of those abominations that I mentioned earlier crashed from the ceiling who did have multi attack and dealt about 20 damage per turn if they hit. These abominations could also be eaten by the flesh weaver which makes him ripped and regains his health while doing it. Now we had this talisman given to us by the king which was used to sap necromantic energy from these flesh weavers, but it had a certain damage threshold in which it did nothing, I believe you had to at least deal 8 damage with it. So eventually our paladin does get him with it, and it severely hindered him. I didn’t get to do much as I was pummeled the whole fight which made it less entertaining but it was still fun. The problems occurred when the flesh weaver, after getting ripped did two attacks on me and the paladin, dealing 20 ish damage each and also throwing me 30 ft and knocking me prone(going to be running SKT soon with the variant giant abilities so I guess I can’t complain), then proceeded to cast 7th level necromancy on our wizard which from what I can tell based on what our dm said being that if he dropped to zero hit points it would have been bad, to be Finger of Death which for our 50 ish hit point wizard was literally save or die. Thank god for luck. We eventually killed him and it was kind of intense but I can’t help feeling it might have been a bit much for the 4 of us only being level 10. A lot of our combats have been pretty easy but this could have very well been deadly, which is alright cause I prefer them to be that way rather thank me stun locking a foe to oblivion.

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