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“I Want to Play a Game.” Horror Trap Dungeon.

Content of the article: "“I Want to Play a Game.” Horror Trap Dungeon."

With Halloween coming up, I've been revisiting the Saw movie franchise and realized one could rather easily make a deathtrap dungeon designed by a Artificer/Wizard to "test" adventurers worthiness by mapping some monsters and magic onto some Saw themes.

A pure trap dungeon without combat runs the risk of being stale. So I'm including some monsters in the traps to give them this to stab.

Trap ideas:

1) Entering a long hallway, a door slams shut behind them. The Programmed Illusion explains that the room is being filled with a poisonous gas. The key to their escape, the iron door at the end of the hall, can be found at the base of a 30-ft pit, inside the Gelatinous Cube. For every minute they delay, the Ettin beyond the door is injected with a potion of strength.

I'm going to break the fourth wall a bit with this one. I've prepared a cheap pair of saftey goggles by obscuring the lens with globs of hot glue. The player that enters the cube will wear the goggles and reach into a Rubbermaid container filled with jello, searching for a key, with one hand while rolling strength checks with the other. Hopefully, not being able to see the results while hearing the other players react will ramp tension. (It's Halloween. Gross is fun. Plus, this is my wife and our closest friends. I don't recommend blindfolding strangers at your local game store and making them reach into sticky stuff. Lol)

2) The floor of this chamber consists of 100 five-foot square copper plates. (50ftx50ft) Crystal domes encasing Living Lightning Bolt Spells (Eberron) send current through the floor in patterns that change every round of combat. I will represent which squares cause lighting damage on printed battle mats beneath a clear plastic grid, changing them at the top each round. The Flesh Golem in the room has the key to the escape hatch sewn within his chest cavity.

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I have other encounter ideas I'm working on, but wanted to float this out there.

Comment and criticism welcome.


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