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I was requested to be a DM for the first time and adapt a story from the Witcher 3

Content of the article: "I was requested to be a DM for the first time and adapt a story from the Witcher 3"

Hey everyone,

I think I have an odd request for advice. A friend has asked me to DM due to my theatre and voice acting background and said that should enable me to tell a good story. I said I'm not very good at creating worlds and he said I could just adapt (while suggesting the subtext of steal) a campaign from something I'm familiar with. I just finished 100%-ing 'The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Complete Edition' and everyone in the party loves the show and has played the game a little. I asked if anyone is familiar with the DLC 'Hearts of Stone' and none of them has played it. So I've asked none of them to play any of the Witcher so I can adapt it, which in all honesty, they won't anyways because I just finished my run through and it took me over 250 hours and they're no where near that point in the game to get to the DLC.

The first request for advice is pretty simple: Any tips for a first time DM? I've played a campaign or two years ago before but due to my crazy schedule, I've never been able to play DnD as a hobby and really gotten to know it. I would like to know how to do the technical aspects of all the numbers of things, like health, chances, and whatnot (as you can tell, not that well versed in the lingo).

The second request for advice: Any tips for adapting a story into a campaign? My initial thought is to watch a gameplay video/cutscene montage of the entire story and note down all of the important story beats and battles, i.e. "What advances the plot?" and "What will the players be able to do to have fun?" I absolutely love the story of 'Hearts of Stone' and would love to convey that love to other people. I think I would like to add in some of the side quests Geralt takes that's not related to the main story to spice things up since the main quest in the game isn't as action oriented.

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Of course, this will be a socially distance session that will be played over screens and any program suggestions would also be very helpful. I use MacOS and iOS and I think they do too, with maybe one of them on PC.

Thank you all for your time and your suggestions!

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