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I would like to know if I am in the wrong with telling off one of my party members

I am a half-orc barbarian in my dm's campaign module for Dungeon Of The Mad Mage. Our party consists of two human players(Artificer, Cleric), one half-orc(me), and one changeling(bard). Each player has their own flaws and their own personalities.

The main problem remains in the changeling and how he acts in situations presented in front of us. For example When our party was on floor 2 in Dungeon Of The Mad Mage he always felt it was necessary to pick fights with everyone in the golbin market and steal the limelight from other players. Even though I am a barbarian I really wanted to be able to Roleplay and really act out my characters scenes. Additionally he would always use his changeling ability to change into other people at the worst times. (EX. on the second floor he changed into the leader of the goblin market right in front of him and then said it was a joke). So almost in every situation me and the other 2 party members would have to cover his ass and bail him out or we would most likely die.

Another problem with him is that he never acts out his characters traits (flaws, personality traits, ideals , alignment). He wrote his own flaws and did not want to take them from his background. His flaws are as follows

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1.Doesn't do well with chaos

2.Does anything to protect his flute

3.has issues with conveying feelings

4.Introverted outside of performing

From reading that list it contradicts with how his character acts with the example I gave above. He says that he doesn't do well with chaos but constantly wants to pick fights. Additionally, his alignment is also neutral which makes no sense with how his character acts.

later when I confronted him about the situation and how he has been acting in the sessions. He told me to stop taking it personally and enjoy the game. I then told him that I cant have fun when you are constantly taking the limelight from everyone in the party and picking fights with every single NPC we see. Even in situations where fighting is not needed he wants to fight and expects us to follow behind him and bail him out.

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