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Icewind Dale: Session 1

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I just finished DMing session 1 (and 0) of Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden, and it went really well

Characters: A kill dwarf druid (with the feat tough and a +5 con, resulting in 16 hp) and an owlbear whisperer.

A blue dragonborn tempest cleric with a long lost love

A gnome ranger (plans to multiclass into Artificer and gunslinger) who was brought here by mind flayers

And a Goliath Fighter who was raised by yeties

The party started in bremen. They did the starter quest nature spirits. They went from Bremen to targos, where they heard rumors of chwingas in Termaline. Also in targos they made enemies with a member of the Knights of the Black Swords (foreshadowing…) After hearing the rumors about chwingas in termaline they decided to set off a first light. After about 2 hours they got caught in a blizzard, so they decided to dig a tunnel and then a small cavern in the snow. After the blizzard they decided to continue towards termaline, even though it was dark. They got there, caught the chwingas, and set off back to bremen. Along the way they once again stopped at Targos, but not for very long. Then back to Bremen. On the way back, they encountered a small pack of wolves (which the dragonborn demolished with his breath weapon) and then finally returned to bremen. But as they got closer they realized the ice was red with blood. Next session (hopefully tomorrow) they will be taking on the Lake monster.

What went well: One of my players has actually been in really cold climates, and his character grew up in cold climates (not icewind dale, he was the one captured by mind flayers). This worked out because he knew what to do during a blizzard when you are caught outside. Another thing that went well is that everyone had a time to shine. The Druid was tanking damage, the fighter was dealing damage. The dragonborns breath weapon destroyed the wolves, and the ranger was helpful during the blizzard.

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What didn’t go well: For the most part the game was running really smoothly. The main thing that I would have changed is that character creation took longer than expected, meaning we had less time to actually play, but everyone still had fun

My plan is to post another one of these each time we have a session (hopefully atleast once a week) and give people looking to DM this module ideas and guides on what does and doesn’t go well

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