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Idea for Minecraft D&D by Rebateman (made in a word doc, copied to here).

Content of the article: "Idea for Minecraft D&D by Rebateman (made in a word doc, copied to here)."

Idea for Minecraft D&D by Rebateman

Hello (hopefully) Wizards, Mojang and anyone else reading this. This is my idea for if Minecraft were to get a Dungeons and Dragons pack (for Bedrock version, in the Marketplace) or more. Next on this document is on how the game would work, then how it would release plus what other than maps would be in it and, finally, a little bit about other things. Anyways, let’s get things started.



There would be a few modes for the game but 4 base modes.

– Creator

Creator is the simplest mode but the most complex mode in this idea at the same time. The mode is where you make your own campaign. By make the campaign, I mean make the campaign. You can start from a few templates but still, you can add your own homebrew stuff, your own map, everything! You can set towns, events, quests and more in it. If you love making maps with lots of commands or other things but without much command blocks (if you want) needed. Most similar to the maze maker in the Minecraft Pac Man map (but a mix of that, GameMaker 8.1, Scratch, D&D and Minecraft).

– Single player

Just play the campaign by yourself as a Player or DM with NPCs/AI or control all at once.

– Multiplayer

Multiple people together. Can have AI/NPC DM or multiple DMs.

– No player

Just AI/auto playing the entire campaign. More for testing.

Each of the modes aside from Creator has sub modes.

– Explore

Explore the maps/campaigns without most D&D stuff. You don’t have random encounters that you don’t want (you are given prompts for activating stuff like that in this mode). Can be played in all modes but No player.

– Random DM/Chosen DM

Only on Multiplayer. This is more of a toggle. Random DM lets you play with a randomly picked DM. Chosen DM makes it so you pick the DM. Can stack with any Multiplayer mode for both toggle states.

– Multiple DMs

Can be used on all but No Player. Let’s you have multiple DMs at once.


Can be used in all but No Player (technically always on in No Player, on my default in Singleplayer, off by default on Multiplayer). Makes the DM an NPC/AI that just does what the game tells it it can do.

There would be more but that is just some examples.

There would also be options for your craziness.

– One Shot/Campaign

Let’s you pick if it is just a one shot or a full campaign.

– Maxed Out Start

Starts the game with the players being maxed out. More for chaos/testing/BS.

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– Starting Point

Let’s the players and DM change lots of things for the start (meant for if you are moving a campaign into Minecraft).

– D&D Edition

Let’s you pick what edition of D&D it is used for. (either could be what your custom campaign is for or have a few with multiple editions for the same campaign).

And many more but those are some examples.

Also, you can pause the game and go back to the menu for either if you have to modify the campaign or if you have finished for the sessions. After you paused in game the campaign, you can do the following –

– Continue Campaign

Continue the campaign.

– Restart/New Campaign

Restarts the campaign.

– Edit Campaign – Creator

Let’s you edit the campaign like if you are creating it (good for if you were planning on having the players go and become cowboys but they became pirates or anything like that).

– Edit Campaign – Players

Let’s you do stuff like make new players’ starter parts or have to modify some things of players, have to have them on the world to do it to them.

– Change DM

Changes the DM to someone else (either random or picked from who is online).

And potentially more stuff but that is an example of a bunch of settings.


Now, with this there would be some built in maps/campaigns/etc. For this example, let’s say 10 pre-built campaigns are made already. These could either be existing ones like Tomb Of Horrors or new ones just for this. I don’t know which ones would be best but that would be up to you all at Wizards. Also, another idea is that rather than be in one world together, they could be separate world templates available in the same pack or separate ones for DLC to the packs (maybe even have a “Make Your Own Campaign” one as a free starter map or have a separate campaign as a free pack so people who play Minecraft but not D&D can try out D&D in Minecraft without paying for it, maybe it could be a more easy one like that old Pokemon D&D like game from back in the 90s but not Pokemon unless if Game Freak and Nintendo allows it).

Now, if it was just one pack plus a free pack of Minecraft D&D for people to try out the idea, what if they want to simulate being a bard on servers? They would need skins in either a separate pack or in one or both (or if there was more, all having different skins) so they can be the character outside of the map? Or even have a separate D&D Skin Pack from the map/s? Now, what would be some good skin ideas? Well, what if each class (and sub class and gender and race and etc.) had a skin? That would be a big amount. That would be best for separating into like 20 packs! But still, that would be a big amount of skins. Granted, Star Wars has about 150-350 skins in 3-5 packs but still, it would be about a thousand or more skins (I actually never played D&D but in Minecraft would be a good way for me to learn it so not sure how many it would actually be but still…)! Still, this is optional but maybe have in each module pack if they were separate maybe 10-20 skins. If there were 10 packs plus a free pack, that would be about 100 (if 10 per and none for free) to 220 (all having 20 including the free pack), but maybe more.

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Also, what if there were a texture pack usable in any world or server included that made the normal Minecraft worlds more D&D like? Maybe having in it stuff like a mouth on the trapped chest (like a Mimic), different villager types having different classes and more? That would be a nice addition. Still, it could also be either a D&D Texture Pack or included with a campaign.

Still, if the entire thing of about 200 skins, 10-11 maps (if separate maps = separate campaigns) and a texture pack was in one pack, that would have to be a bundle! So, let’s think how much each part would be realistically.

– A single map.

If there was just a map on its own (that wasn’t the starter map), I think it would be about 2-500 Minecoins (depending on the campaign – ones made by third parties or existing ones would be more expensive than new WOTC in house maps).

– Create Your Own Campaign only

I think that this could be a free map. Otherwise, it would be about 100 Minecoins. Potentially, these campaigns could become via a submission form official DLC for the map.

– Fan Made DLC Maps

If these didn’t come with skins or other things, I think these would be about 300 Minecoins. I feel like that would include some of it for the campaign maker.

– Skin Pack

For a 10 skin only map, I feel like it could be about 150 Minecoins. For if it was more, let’s say 20 skins, we could say each 5 skins would be about 50 Minecoins plus 50 more for the fact that it’s D&D or a base price before skins (or 10 Minecoins per skin.).

– Texture Pack

I would think that it would be best for with other stuff but if it had to be on it’s own, I think it would be 100 Minecoins.

– Multiple in one

For this, I think minus 50 Minecoins from each item’s individual price idea then add 50 on top of the total.

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– Free Starter Pack

This, of course, would be free. But what would be in it? My idea – 5 to 10 skins and 1 map w/ campaign. That would be a fair amount. Maybe the campaign would be like a start to one or a short one meant for a One Shot.


So, here is the end of the concept. Now, how did I think of this? Thought of the idea of “Lego D&D” and thought “Lego Minecraft D&D” then just “Minecraft D&D”. Also, I never played a game of D&D before writing this entire thing. I, however, watch about it lots on YouTube, most likely only look up more about SiIvaGunner like content and Minecraft and maybe Lego. Still, I think this is a cool idea for learning Dungeons and Dragons, but not just for me but for, potentially, millions of people that never played it can learn and maybe even more that are able to play more often during this time of staying home for majority of the world with lots of people having no way of playing together D&D… if this doesn’t happen that is, for people who haven’t got a PC or internet powerful enough for a Discord or Zoom call. Have a game that I love and play lots and put a pack or more into it. Also, I think this would be for Bedrock (for the Minecraft Marketplace).

In summary, please make this so people that can’t play D&D otherwise with friends in the pandemic can play and more people can play for the first time ever in this pandemic.

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