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Ideas for a quickly thrown together adventure/campaign

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Hey and howdy to my fellow DMs. A brief introduction into the situation I'm currently in. I'm currently in the Army and on deployment. Currently things in the area I'm in are very quiet, and the group of people I'm working with heard I DM and all wanted to play some D&D. It's a group of 7 not including myself, most have never played before, one guy is rather well acquainted with the game, and I have 4 years experience playing, 2 years DMing. I've been rapidly throwing together a game as they all want to play as much as possible. Luckily in my situation I have 10-12 hours of "free" time a day to work on the game so long as shit doesn't hit the fan.

As I'm throwing this game together as fast as possible and just trying to get the players to dip their toes into the fantastical world of D&D, I've set them up in the world of The Forgotten Realms, and started with a pretty simple "bandits stole a weapons shipment, go get it back" quest. Their current hub town is a small port town I've made and inserted into the world. With the series of dungeons I've thought up and currently fleshing out, they'll be gathering together (unwittingly) pieces of a sword that, when combined, make a sword that can sustain a Gate spell, allowing for a permanent portal to be put in place to any plane. Beings of different planes, having caught wind of this, will descend upon the town once the pieces have been gathered, causing a battle of demons, devils, and celestials over the sword pieces, which they need to escape from as they are nowhere near powerful enough to fight off the beings summoned into the world to fight this battle.

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I know endgame I'm looking for them to end up fighting off either the devils or demons, with the blade ending up in the hands of the other group to open a portal and begin an invasion of the material plane, but im looking for ways to fill the gap between those two points, and im reaching out to all my resources to do this. I know I'll have a Halloween adventure come that point in time. I'm just looking for other things to interest the players while I'm not focusing on the main plot, and I want to pull from plenty of different places to show all the new guys all the crazy corners of D&D that are out there. Any adventure ideas/side quest big picture plots are welcome.

Thanks for reading the text wall

TL:DR- Looking for interesting side quest/adventure ideas to fill the gap between main quest points in the level 5-14/15 range.

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