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Ideas for an Aasimar losing contact with their celestial guide.

Content of the article: "Ideas for an Aasimar losing contact with their celestial guide."

I’m a first time DM who is going to be running Waterdeep: Dragon Heist starting next Saturday. We had our session zero yesterday, and it went really well. We’ve got a great group of characters, and I’ve implemented secrets inspired by Rime of the Frostmaiden (which I plan on transitioning into once we finish Dragon Heist).

One of the characters is an Aasimar who has lost contact with his celestial guide. A big motivation for his character is trying to find out why this contact was suddenly cut off. He is playing a College of Spirits Bard to reflect the character’s studies into the mystical/occult in an attempt to re-establish contact with his now silent celestial guide.

As DM, I’m having some trouble coming up with a good reason for why his celestial guide has stopped communicating with him. I really want to come up with something compelling for a down the road reveal since this is a big character goal. I was hoping someone else might have some fun suggestions as I keep coming up blank.

Some more information about the character and my campaign: The character has a twin brother who is a variant Tiefling. Aasimar, Tiefling, and Genasi are all more like heritages in my game, so anyone who chooses those races is essentially playing a human with something special about them due to their bloodline. Think of mutants in Marvel where some look like everyone else and others have more prominent features. The traits can be recessive and skip generations, etc. The character’s brother also looks mostly human.

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They were born in Icewind Dale and put onto a ship bound for Waterdeep when they were younger, with the promise that their parents would come on the next ship. Their parents never came, so they have grown up on the streets more or less. They have taken to peddling and swindling to get by. The character in question even uses his knowledge of the spirit world as he has started looking for ways to contact his now quiet celestial guide to con people with fake seances and the like.

tl;dr – I’m trying to come up with a compelling reason that an Aasimar’s celestial guide would have stopped communicating with him suddenly. Any ideas you can provide would be greatly appreciated!

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