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Ideas on Modifying the Tarrasque to a Homebrew Setting

Content of the article: "Ideas on Modifying the Tarrasque to a Homebrew Setting"

As the general consensus goes, the 5e Tarrasque is kind of underwhelming. As usual I'll be doing the standard routine of giving it abilities from previous editions that got cut, but I'll also be brainstorming some new ones based on the homebrew setting's lore and the creature's role there.

To make it work to previous editions and lore:

  • Increase Legendary Resistance to 5/day.
  • Regeneration with 65 HP per round at the start of its turn. It also regrows any lost limbs over the course of 2d4 minutes. It also loses all levels of Exhaustion when it regains Hit Points.
  • All fly speeds within 200 feet of the Tarrasque are negated and replaced with a horizontal bonus to jump distance equal to the fly speed, and a vertical bonus to jump height equal to half the fly speed rounded down to a multiple of 5. If the fly speed can hover, it also grants the effects of Feather Fall.
  • The Tarrasque is immune to effects that result in instant death or instant reduction to 0 hit points such as Power Word Kill or Quivering Palm. If the Tarrasque is forced to make a saving throw against such an ability, the Tarrasque instead takes no effect at all on a success and the effects of success on a failure.

That's just to get it roughly where it should have been to start with. Now for the stuff specific to my setting. I have some ideas, but I'll lay the groundwork first.

It's, as is normal, THE Tarrasque rather than A Tarrasque.

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It was created in ancient myth that predates officially recorded history by an order of 7 Liches. Each of these Liches represented one of the worst aspects of humanity: lust, greed, gluttony, sloth, wrath, envy, and pride. They've got their own lore as major players in the setting but that's not terribly important to the Tarrasque, tl;dr is that they were originally a court of 7 necromancy wizards that used necromancy as a force of good but eventually became corrupt and tired of other people's shit. These Liches have ascended to the point of technically now being Titan tier entities.

The Tarrasque was designed not just as a living natural disaster to cities, but as a war machine that's meant to devastate coordinated armies and destroy nations. Granting it magically infinite stamina via regeneration was one of my attempts at making it a more nation-level threat, thus extending its rampage without slowing for longer periods and letting it not just getting tired after one city.

To also make it more destructive to large groups of creatures at once instead of killing at a max rate of about 9 creatures per turn (including attacks of opportunity and legendary actions), I was considering giving it the following:

  • Destroyer's Breath (Recharge 5–6): The Tarrasque exhales a burst of the raw magic absorbed by its carapace in a 90-foot cone. Each creature in that area must make a DC 27 Dexterity saving throw, taking 91 (26d6) force damage on a failed save, or half as much damage on a successful one.

Also I said the Liches were largely irrelevant, but they become partially relevant to this other ability. There's an organized cult that worships them. I was considering adding the other ability as a trait since the cult also reveres the Tarrasque given it's one of the creations of the Liches, and they also see it as something for them to control and be inspired by once they manage to find and rouse it from its Imprisonment (via the spell).

  • Symbol of Devotion: When the Tarrasque uses its Frightful Presence ability, any creature within range who is a member of the Will of Sins instead gains a d4 that can be added to any attack roll or saving throw before the end of its turn.
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Do you have any different or better ideas to add on?

Edit: Dig speed equal to movement.

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