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Ideas/Suggestions for a fake kidnapping arc?

Content of the article: "Ideas/Suggestions for a fake kidnapping arc?"

So I love complicated and intrecate villain plans in my games. However players have complained that they tend to be convoluted and the hints I drop arent clear enough. So I wanna try to make the next arc a bit more clear without losing that feeling of the players stepping into a villains spider web of conspiracy.

For the upcoming arc in my game will evolve around the major human kingdom and its princess. Basically the princess who married into the royal family is actually looking to undermine them and turn the kingdom against the last remaining ruler, the Queen. She has been sowing seeds of doubt throughout the realm and manipulated her husband, the prince, into giving up most of his power to her. To the common folk she appears to be a kind and benevolent woman who only wishes the best for them. The final part of her plan to seize the throne is to orchestrate her own kidnapping and once rescued frame the queen for it. She wants to convince the kingdom that the queen was afraid of losing her power and thus had her abducted. The "main villain" of the arc, an evil drow warrior, actually works for the princess and the two are even lovers.

So I want this arc to be the very classic save the damsel in distress type deal but have the princess be the big bad whos pulling the strings behind the scenes. At the start of the arc the players will arrive in a royal encampment where they will first hand witness the aduction of the princess. Obviously after that the prince will put out a contract to get his beloved wife back and the players being the ones who were already on the scene would be prime candidates for the job. However despite wanting to make it feel realistic I want the to try and drop some hints here and there and make it possible for the players to catch onto her plan.

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Any ideas on how this should work out/ how I should structure the arc to make it fun and engaging? Or how I can drop subtle hints while also being very convincing of the situation? Has anyone done something similar? Any ideas or feedback are apprichiated.

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