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Iggy’s Episode Recap

Iggy's Episode Recap

Starting to wonder if this journal is cursed. Maybe I need a new one. Everytime I write that we're doing great, something goes wrong. Maybe I need a new sign off?

I was just minding my own business trying to figure out where the ghost I accidentally murdered went to and BAM! The carriages stop, we get out, and wouldn't you know it there's just a huge tornado looking thing of dark doom taking away the sunshine. Because fighting ghosts wasn't bad enough! Lets fight a doom tornado!! Varis did that cool drawing thing he does, and it turns out Tormmy is in trouble. Like, she may or may not be the one making the doom cloud happen. Dammit Torment! Hedwyck got a quick visit from his one true love, Vaara, and she was the one to tell us that we had like two days to go stop this thing. If we don't, then the Gods are going to do something drastic and stupid because of COURSE they can't just fix their own mess without making it all threatening and spooky. Ugh. I'm so tired of this whole thing, y'know? None of us asked for this. If they just fixed their own mess in the first place none of this would even be necessary.

I'm getting ahead of myself. So we have two days right? But the thing is that doom funnel is like two weeks away at best, and that's not accounting for the fact that apparently little ground monsters are going to be rising from the depths of hell to probably kill us personally. Archi tried to reason with Xelshor, you know, since he's one of the ones that wants us to travel at impossible speed. Instead he gave us more time? Thanks for that. We watched you rocket out of the sky in a ball of flaming glory… but surely there was no way for you to help us get to our destination any faster.

I think I'm starting to want to fight the gods. With my fists.

I'm a little extra sour because this meant we had to go back to the capital and convince my mother to pay for us to teleport closer to our destination. This was easier said than done. Mother wanted me to go into hiding with her, so I used my disguise kit and we made our way back to the castle. After some work to convince my mother that I'd actually been kidnapped by the death funnel, and I'm pretty sure a near-wardrobe-malfunction on my part where I was nearly recognized, we were on our way through the exciting adventure known as teleportation! After Archi showed my mother his burning rod. Oh and turns out Mother has a spicy tie with Nullis, who is actually not her God, but whatever we have a lot of problems to work through anyway.

We get to this town, everyone's in a panic, we "borrow" some horses and carriages. Don't worry, we left a note. We're gonna bring them back. I think. Full disclosure, the carriage got covered in angry squirrel nuts and bird crap, so they might not want it back. The forest is dying here, which is kind of a huge deal since this entire kingdom is like… y'know, forest. I think? I should pay more attention. The animals are super mad about it. Aurora was able to convince the squirrels that we didn't take their special nut, so they stopped throwing their regular ones at us and… went… somewhere? We've had to stop for the evening. The horses can only travel so far and I can only imagine how heavy our carriages must be with us plus like a thousand acorns. It's pretty quiet right now- Archi and Ondak went off for a chat, the others are… honestly I dunno what they're doing. I'm tired.

Goodnight notebook. I'm not saying the cursed words this time. -Iggy


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