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I’m an experienced-ish DM who doesn’t like DMing for my completely new players/friends, should I quit or push through?

Content of the article: "I’m an experienced-ish DM who doesn’t like DMing for my completely new players/friends, should I quit or push through?"

I’m quite new to Reddit and this particular community, so sorry if things are formatted weirdly! This is going to be a semi-rant/ask for advice. One of my experienced friends (who’s played D&D for about as long as I have, about 3 years, we’ll call him Al) asked me to DM LMoP for our friend group & also teach them how to play. I reluctantly agreed because I haven’t played in a while as my other group is taking a break and I needed to scratch that D&D itch in any way possible.

It was off to a bad start. We originally had 6 players, but in between session 0 and session 1, Al pressured me to allow in a 7th player, also a part of our friend group. Although I had concerns about group size, I agreed because the 7th guy would be the only one in our friend group that we would be excluding and I felt bad.

So we began LMoP, and I got a first impression of their playing style. Some characters kept trying to eat all the enemies they encountered, and they weren’t too into RP, but I knew it was their first time playing (w/the exception of Al) and they were having fun, so I went along with it The actual story progression went smoothly. They generally seemed to want a pretty light-hearted, no-consequences game, which isn’t really my thing, and things just didn’t really click for me.

One player, we’ll call her Raven, was actually really into it despite her usual super-shyness which made me happy. However, whenever she tried to describe something she was doing in-character during combat or minor rp scenes, some other players (who we’ll call Dip and Dot) would talk over her, use their phones to show each other memes, and just generally not pay attention. Dip has also been notoriously inconsiderate. In one instance during our most recent session, some of my notes flew off the table while I was away getting snacks. Instead of just putting the notes back on my desk, he began to read the (spoiler-filled) notes out loud to the rest of the party. I was really pissed off by this and took the notes from him as soon as I got back, but I swallowed my irritation down and began the session. Additionally, with so many people in the group, it’s difficult to schedule even online sessions.

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The group seems to enjoy playing, though, and they talk about D&D outside of the game on occasion. I’m enjoying it significantly less than them. But I don’t want to spoil their fun just because I’m not enjoying it, especially Raven who’s wanted to play D&D for so long and never had a group to do so with. My usual group is starting back up too, and I’m going to DM them and I enjoy that much more, which makes things even more complicated. Finally, I can’t ask Al to take over because he is a TERRIBLE DM and doesn’t have the time for it, and I’m not sure if anyone else is committed enough to do it.

TL;DR: I reluctantly agreed to DM an almost completely new party of 7 at a friend’s request and now I feel like I’m in too deep. They want a different, less serious kind of game than I do and have been a bit inconsiderate in some instances to people who are putting in effort, but all in all they are having fun. I am not having fun and all the work is not worth it for me, but I feel bad just ending everyone’s D&D experience. Is there a gentle way of putting sessions to an end, an alternative solution, or should I just suck it up and finish the campaign? Thank you guys so much!! Any advice is appreciated!!

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