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I’m being a bit paranoid for my first big homebrew campaign.

Content of the article: "I’m being a bit paranoid for my first big homebrew campaign."

In my world, or at least in the island where the campaign is set, there are specific factions at large. Gods are tangible metaphysical entities that can be sometimes tapped by strong individuals to harness the powers of Gods.

What I had in mind at first was the evolutionary advantage elves had by sleeping 4 hours instead of the humans' 8. The two main kingdoms (Humans VS Elves) of Dheril became one during the Great Unification 200 years ago, but some bad blood (pun intended) is still running between the two main races of the Island.

This turned into a full fledged campaign where racist terrorist organizations try to topple the Half Elven government and gain indipendence to claim the island as theirs. Our Party will have to stop them and fix the situation before the chaos is too big to contain.

Talking with my players, this is the best campaign to suit what they want to experience from the game, so I'm hopeful in them liking it.

What I'm having trouble with, or at least think I have trouble with is the whole power dynamic there is, and what McGuffin I could have. Do they make sense? Idk, a pair of extra eyes might help

Players will start in a half elven city where there are many factions, two of which are the main ones fighting to get to the goal:

  • The Eternal Flame Cult: Taken a bit from PPoA, the Eternal Flame Cult are elves praising the Sun. They want to show the Elven supremacy by worshipping the God of Magic (Literally the Sun) and using its powers to establish their superiority over Humans.

  • The Spider Lanterns (?): They're a group of Human fanaticists who want to sterminate Elves so they can be the true rulers of Dheril. Ranks comprise some high ranking Human nobles (Grandpa of one of the PCs is hating her because she's a Half Orc and not a Pureblood.)

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These two groups are secretely fighting for the small City's control, sort of a trial before the BIG fight there might be in some months for the Capital. Rumors in the taverns are starting to spread and some dissent and chaos have been too.

I want to add some other Guilds/Groups later, that might be easier after understanding what the McGuffin could be

After all this intro: I want to have an abandoned Elven temple as base for the Eternal Flame Cult, that gets attacked by the Lanterns before the party arrives. The party sees the Big Bad Evil Grandpa (Asmodeus's Warlock actually) while he's interrogating the EFC to know where the McGuffin is, makes the party eat dust, drops some hooks for the players. Now they hate him and they want to kill him or at least bring him to justice.

Does all of this make sense? Are there some things that the Organizations wouldn't do? Should I ask myself reasons for everything?

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I want to drop a hint that Asmodeus has something to do with all of this by having some demons fight the Party too. How can I connect the whole thing?

I feel I'm focusing too much on the story and not on how to make the Characters the main protagonists of it.

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