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I’m creating an evil campaign where the players are cats with caster classes.

Content of the article: "I’m creating an evil campaign where the players are cats with caster classes."

I'm looking for some extra ideas/input/critiques on what I've got so far. Its just supposed to be a casual, silly, fun campaign.

The setting: Ancient Egypt. I figure this just makes sense so that the players are positioned in places of authority.

The "Bigger Bad" It seems all successful evil campaigns have a "bigger bad" phenomenon. In this case, its the leaders of the planet that the caster cats come from. I would draw inspiration from the tallests in Invader Zim. Basically, the players are working for bosses that want cats to take over earth, but the players really just want to take over earth for themselves.

The "catch": not only are players limited to caster classes (uhhh because they are cats), but also, they can only covertly cast magic. Basically, if a human is looking, you cant cast. I would say the reason for this is some ancient curse laid on the planet due to an unsuccessful overthrow of humanity hundreds of years ago that prevents cats from casting overtly.

The "Goal": complete the pyramids to break that curse that prevents cats from casting in front of humans. Upon achieving this goal, the "bosses" will come to earth to take over. Its up to the players if they would prefer to hinder proper completion of the pyramids to keep the bosses away-and attempt to take over earth (or parts of earth) by puppeting humans without the bosses intervention. I plan to make it clear that the promises from the bosses that the player's work will be richly rewarded are empty.

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Obstacles: Humans are stupid. Like, really really stupid. Despite being evil, the cats will have to influence the pharaohs to set aside self interests in order to fix the economy, trade, and famine. Pharaohs/leaders will be mostly interested in their own gluttony and power and be fairly dysfunctional at leadership. There will likely be some kind of secret group trying to over throw the government. The cats will have to choose whether to overthrow the monarchy and ally themselves with the revolutionaries, or make the pharaohs functional leaders.

Optional protagonists: I'm entertaining a sort of "Cats vs. Dogs" Idea where there is also a Dog planet that is basically goody goody jedi-ish of the universe. Dogs believe in a human's right to self-dictate their future without intervention of space animals. I'm not sold on this idea, and may introduce them a bit later in the game depending on how it goes. I'm also entertaining the idea of some sort of minion-esque animal that the players take with them (mice?)-which are sentient beings (from a conquered planet) that can only communicate with the players. Im thinking they are Pinky from Pinky and the Brain, or Grr from Invader Zim.

I am literally in Day 1 of putting this together, and quite honestly, most of what I have come up with I created while writing this post. I'm open to any ideas.

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