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I’m going to make my players battle a time-travelling enemy. Any tips for clever tricks she could do?


So, some context: The enemy is a drow woman, druid of the circle of spores, and she has the ability to travel through time, but it's very limited (let's say up to 5 minutes, back or forth). All party members are level 7: tiefling bard, changeling (currently elf) druid, dragonborn cleric and dwarf sorcerer. The battle will take place in the underdark.

Context on how time works in my world: time is not linear. You can create alternate timelines by influencing the world. Multiple copies of yourself can exist, but they can't be close, otherwise space will try to bend and fuse the two versions (by close I mean ~100 meters or so). If you go back in time and do nothing to influence your past self, eventually the other you will reach the point at which you traveled back in time and do so as well. However, there may be a situation where you influence the world in a way that prevents the past you from going back in time. This does not 'erase' you from existence, it just creates an alternate timeline in which two independent copies of you exist.

Sorry for that, let's move on to my question!

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Basically, because of the action economy I thought it would be cool if she could 'blink' through time during battle, by which I mean she could disappear at some points (as a legendary action or a reaction, as well as on her turn), and reappear (same conditions).

She'd appear as different versions of herself, from different 'stages' of the battle: sometimes she'd be very damaged, sometimes without a scratch.

This of course means many things. First of all, players have no control over when the battle will end and have no idea how close they are to defeating her, because as soon as they deal damage (even if she already looks badly damaged), she could disappear and reappear as her past self, hardly damaged. I want that, and I know my players will like it.

Second, I do not plan for the players to kill her. I will count the damage they deal to her (as her HP pool exists, players just don't know that) and if they reach a certain number, she will appear before them as her future version, very badly damaged, and surrender. She is not the BBEG of my campaign.

What I'm getting at is that she's a clever person and she knows how to use her abilities. Do you have any cool ideas for what she could do? As an example, she could throw something, carry on with the battle and knowing that she threw it, blink back from the future at some point and catch it. To the players it'd look like she throws it and teleports just to the right place to catch.

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Sorry for the long post, I don't know how to explain things briefly. Hope someone takes the time to read it!

EDIT: Important information I forgot to add: 'blinking' throught time also allows you to teleport to a different place, limited to 18 meters from your previous location.

TL;DR: Clever enemy drow can blink through time. Any cool ideas for attacks, tricks or traps she could do?


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