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I’m looking for some feedback on my world building and on my adventurer’s guild.

Content of the article: "I’m looking for some feedback on my world building and on my adventurer’s guild."

I'm in the process of building a world for a homebrew campaign and figured an adventuer's guild would be a good place to start the party by introducing them to the world, getting them on their first quest and getting them out of the low levels. I would love some feedback on it, it's still a 1st draft and mostly a lore blurb but I'd still like to hear what people think.

The Adventurer’s Guild

With the world outside of the walls of civilisation being so dangerous all but the most well trained and well-equipped soldiers all ill-suited to combating. This led to the rise of the Adventurer’s Guild, mercenaries who had the will and skills to fight monsters regularly. Turning out to be cheaper, quicker and more effective than the soldiery that would otherwise be needed the Adventurer’s Guild was formed as a way to protect adventurer’s and their rights as well as maintain a standard of effectiveness and fairness when taking on jobs. Now most cities and towns maintain a guild house where adventurers can gather, recruit and find work.

Many young children are raised on tales of adventurers and heroes, slaughtering monsters and saving cities. This leads to an influx of many young adventures of all kinds determined to prove themselves heroes. In reality, many of these will die on the first mission, their families rarely finding out their fate. Those that survive often become grizzled veterans, their dreams of glory and wealth forgotten and content to drink away most of their money. These veterans subsist on simple quests such as escort jobs and occasionally rooting out the occasional infection or nest. A rare few rise above the rest and becoming local heroes, these usually become more ingrained in society, becoming bodyguards to the elite, court mages, founding their own organisations or simply continuing in their adventuring. An even rarer few rise above them, becoming true heroes worthy of remembrance in legend and lore, plunging headfirst into long forgotten lairs, fighting mighty monsters and earning their place in history forever.

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The skill of an adventurer is reflected in their rank, jobs put to the guild are examined and assigned a certain rank, only adventurers of this rank and above may take the job. This ensures they do not take more than they can handle and that the most suitable adventures can take the job. The Guild maintains a status of neutrality and bans adventurers from taking part in political or military activities for the various cities. (For the purposes of PC’s and some NPC’s rank and power level are roughly correlated below.)

· Copper: Lv1 and below

· Silver: Lv2 -4

· Gold: Lv5-7.- Adventurers that survive this far will normally cap here.

· Platinum: Lv8-10.

· Mithril: Lv-11- 14

· Adamantine: Lv15 and above.

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