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I’m looking for ways to subtly change reality in my campaign

Content of the article: "I’m looking for ways to subtly change reality in my campaign"


I am currently writing and DM-ing a campaign involving a story that revolves around 9 mystical spheres spread throughout the world. These spheres hold the magic of the so-called First Spell, set in place to balance the entropic nature of existence into a more reasonable reality. Before this, the laws of science and order fluctuated. I let the PCs destroy one of these spheres (maybe not a great idea in hindsight) and I thought it would be cool to have that affect reality in subtle ways. I'm trying to avoid having them roll dice, as that might provoke questions or clue them into something major having changed. What ideas can you think of for how this could slowly affect the campaign or the surrounding world in an interesting way? When they were designed, the idea was that the effect of the spheres is not linear, so destroying one will only have minor effects – but I am eager to hear other ideas since there has been no discernible in-game effect yet!

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For context:

In the campaign, the PCs encountered one of these spheres before knowing what it was. It was heavily protected at one time but that magic wears thin, which allowed them to overcome the security. (One of their upcoming major quests is actually to reinforce the spells surrounding each sphere.) However, without knowing what it was, when they encountered it they became scared of what it was and its ominous presence in the room. For context, it was buried deep underground in a magically-formed cavern. The effect of the sphere was that of a silence spell, with all sound replaced by a single chord that seemed to resonate through their heads. My players destroyed the two structures suspending the sphere in the air. I described it as falling to the ground, sitting there for a moment, then gradually losing its form and dissolving away. There was a cave in but there have been no effects outside the cave or since the event, a day ago in game time.

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