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I’m planning a short Dark Souls/Elden Ring inspired campaign. Which system/rulebook should I use?

Content of the article: "I’m planning a short Dark Souls/Elden Ring inspired campaign. Which system/rulebook should I use?"

So, I dm since march this year and I'm currently in the middle of a completwly homebrew campaign. Races, world, rules, and especially the system were all made up by myself (a thing I wouldnt recommend a beginner tbh). And while it went alright regarding everything else, my combat is simply a bit lacklustre.

It's not boring since I'm quite the energetic narrator and my players seem to have fun whenever it's time to kill pirates, thieves and mercenaries, but I don't really have written out rules. In combat, dice throws are usually randomly dictated and I often times go by the rule of cool, which might have one time resulted in a player shape shifting into a blue whale while being positioned above a pirate ship, coming down and crushing it underneath him (it was just too good tbh).

My players are thus often times heavily favoured and I don't really know how to implement monster fights into the mix since it will be too unstructured if you ask me. That's fine for now, but for my next campaign, I want to try something different and will need another system to achieve that:

The player will loosley be inspired by the Dark Souls games and the upcoming Elden Ring, although less on lore and more in tone and narrative.

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Quick summary of what I intend the incoming campaign to be like and what my players have to face: – and empty, deserted world – hostile environment, where the inhabitants or even the location itself is hostile against the player – mysterious narrative, where the players are dropped into the world knowing nothing and not getting explained everything in detail – few helpful npcs, less focus on interacting with npcs – few safe zones (bonfires), where they have time to upgrade their gear or rest to heal themselves – deadly encounters against monsters – gigantic, tough as nails boss fights against monsters, demons or eldritch horrors – a map with multiple directions or locations to explore

Maybe, if someone has an idea how to implement: – some sort of limited respawn capabilities where the first few deaths arent permanent, but will have a cost

Tl:dr I need a system for challenging monster combat where stuff like charisma and intelligence can be tossed aside, since my players will be facing gigantic boss fights or deadly monsters most of the time.

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I thank everyone reading this, everyone that is trying to help me and wish you all a great day/evening night.

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