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I’m re-designing a (third party) barbarian subclass and I need help

Content of the article: "I’m re-designing a (third party) barbarian subclass and I need help"

Some of you may know the D&D 5e third party supplement Journey to Ragnarok, the setting and adventure to play D&D as midgardian vikings.

I am running a campaign that's going on for around a year now, and this book is giving me hell. I proposed the campaign to my players before I read the book, and even when I read it in the preparation of the setting I didn't find anything too strange; only after a couple months of regular sessions I realised the major issues this book has, but the players were engaged and the characters were awesome, so I swallowed it and now I am one year deep into it, basically rewriting the whole thing as I run it.

One thing though I just can't seem to get right, and it is the barbarian subclass. It is called The Storm Wielder, is based on Thor's powers of storms and thunders, and its base concept is that your features, which are mostly damage dealing features, build up Storm Charges, and you can only hold a certain number of Storm Charges before overloading, which deals you a certain amount of damage. To avoid overloading, you can discharge your charges via one of the subclass' features.

The idea of being able to inflict a lot of damage with the risk of taking some on yourself is very interesting, but it is tricky, VERY tricky, and in fact the book version of this subclass is ridiculously underwhelming and punishing, making it not fun at all to play.

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Since the barbarian of my group took this subclass I tried to fix it at my best, but I have to do this changes during the campaign, and so I have little to no time to playtest. The result is that even the latest version I made has something wrong. The latest issues I found on my version of it is that it doesn't have a limit to how many times the features can be used. This is a thing that was also present in the original, but the discharging feature was so underwhelming that it sucked anyway. Now my version is a bit too strong, and most importantly it's too easy to give away your charges, basically removing the "risk" in the "high risk, high value" thing.

That said, my new idea is to set a hard limit to the number of uses. This hard limit can be ignored by taking direct damage if you use one of your features when out of uses; so no more overload, no more features to discharge (even though I'd probably change the discharging feature to give it a lesser effect without having to remove it completely)

After this wall of text, here's my version of the subclass for reference, I'd really appreciate any advice you would give me. (I'm not posting the original because I don't know if I can).

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Tl;dr: Any advice on how to fix the subclass in the link would be much appreciated.

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