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I’m starting a Minecraft Dungeons and Dragons campaign

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Hello! I'm Sir_Ridiculous. a small-time Youtuber and Twitch streamer and I've been looking for a unique idea to stream and upload on Youtube, and I think I've found it. Basically, we're playing D&D in Minecraft. Don't get me wrong, it's been done before. BUT! This time it won't be cringe. I'm searching for charismatic people to join me in the campaign, builders to construct the Dungeon Master's world, and NPC's (real people, not just mods or mobs walking around) for the players to interact with. Also real quick, if you don't think you'll have time for it keep in mind the server will only be open for a few hours a week, maybe once or twice a week, and probably just on the weekend unless we work some other day out in the schedule, so it's not exactly too time-consuming.

Essentially, this isn't some half-baked project that is scuffed and will fall apart. I'm super serious about the content that I put out and said content will either be quality, entertaining, AND funny, or it won't go out at all. I'm putting a lot of time and thought into this project and I need talented people to make it happen.

So! If you think you have what it takes to be either a potential player in the campaign, a builder to help construct the world, or an NPC to either fill a village or potentially temporarily join the campaign, feel free to apply!

Also, don't worry if you don't have previous experience with playing D&D, a lot of us are new to it, including me. We're going to be doing a test run before the actual campaign just to introduce any new players to how the game functions, so that when we actually play it will be a lot of fun.

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PS. Discord Voice Chat is required to be a player in the campaign, but not for NPC's that are both Short Term and Long Term. Discord in general is recommended for anyone involved, it just makes communication easier.

Player Application:

What's your Minecraft Username?
Do you have discord?
Do you have any experience playing D&D?
How would you best describe yourself? What is your availability?

Builder Application:

What is your Minecraft Username? Do you have Discord?
Can you show any previous builds you've taken part in?
Are you also interested in being an NPC? If so, do you have any experience Role-Playing?
What is your availability?

NPC Application:

What is your Minecraft Username?
Do you have Discord?
Do you have any previous experience with Role-Playing?
Are you also interested in Building? If so, show us some examples of what you've built!

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