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I’m using Dragon of Icespire Peak as a segue between Lost Mine of Phandelver and Rise of Tiamat, please help me plan and foreshadow it

Content of the article: "I’m using Dragon of Icespire Peak as a segue between Lost Mine of Phandelver and Rise of Tiamat, please help me plan and foreshadow it"

I posted this before but will try again as I’d really need some help.

So basically what the title says. I’m really familiar with LMoP, pretty familiar with DoIP and have started reading tRoT. The plan is to use parts of DoIP as a smooth and fun transition between the two adventures, serving both as a way to get the characters to level 8 before tRoT starts, and also giving them some ”downtime” doing fun easier quests after Wave Ecco Cave.

Here are some of my ideas to do so. I still have some things to figure out but I’ll list my thoughts and alterations, I’d really appreciate some feedback and ideas for making the transition as good as possible

  1. Nezznar the black spdrider is a member of the dragon cult. He is sent to WEC either to simply forge magic weapons to help the cult, or to gather one of the dragon masks (which in that case has been found already). Either way he will carry a letter mentioning a mask signed S (for Severin) and possibly the sign of tiamat.

The characters won’t know what it means but it will foreshadow the main antagonists in tRoT. Any ideas what the letter could say? Also, is there any location in tRoT och DoIP that the map in WEC could describe?

Also, I will have the village of Conyberry being ravaged and destroyed by Severins dragon cultists. The Stone cold reavers in the castle will probably also be members of Severins cult rather than SCR.

  1. Making Icespire Peak the end goal without railroading them there.

So, here’s my thoughts on how the DoIP parts of the adventure will be; In my version Harbin Wester is killed. He will probably be replaced by Sildar as townmaster. Sildar will start the job of getting some order to the area by setting out ”jobs” on the board outside of the townmasters hall. the job offers will be the quests in DoIP and the sidequests in LMoP that they haven’t done. All will be available at the same time but they will give more gold the higher level the quest is, so my players will be more likely to do the ones that they are better suited for level-wise. I want them to be level 7 when defeating Cryovain, so that I can ”milestone” them up to level 8, thus starting tRoT. Sildar will probably say a couple that he worries about dragon sightings and rumors of a dragon cult.

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I did however have a thought that the different quests would be paid by the different factions. My players haven’t really been introduced to any of them other than Sildar being in the lords alliance. Since they have a pretty big part in tRoT I figured this would be a good way to introduce them.

I first thought about just letting the players ”search for a map to Icespire Peak” i.e do quests until they reach level 7 and whatever location makes them hit level 7 contains a map to the castle, but this might make them bored. I want them to feel like they’re in charge of the adventure.

Maybe they get a clue or a part of the map or something at every quest? Maybe the know where the peak is but they have to find a dragonslaying sword before going there, maybe i should just let them get to Icespire peak whenever the hell they want and simply let the kill Cryovain? Maybe noone knows where the dragon is but Icespire peak is a quest on the board, and they go there when they go there.

Basically, how do I add som storyline to the transition, making the players feel like they’re going forward? How do I get them to Icespire Peak when they are ready?

  1. Combining Cryovain and Venomfang.

This is probably the part I’m most exited to do. The character will meet Venomfang in Thundertree. They will either die, flee like children och be able to get the dragon to flee with half HP. Either way, Venomfang will appear again at Icespire peak. When the characters have gotten Cryovain to half HP, Venomfang will appear out of nowhere. The characters will have the option to help one of the dragons defeat the other or just sit back and enjoy an epic fight. Either way, the last dragon standing (probably a beat up Venomfang) will turn to the characters and try to kill them afterwards, resulting in a Boss fight containing two dragons which I hope will be amazing, and which hopefully will be a good challenge for a group of 4 level 7 characters.

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Do you have any ideas on how to foreshadow this? I will probably have Venomfang talking about the other dragon, and the players will think this is bullshit. Next session I will have a dragon flying high up in the air, just as a shadow so the characters don’t se the color of it. Also adding some rumors about a dragon and maybe a couple of eaten sheep here and there. Hopefully, when they see Venomfang fly away (which he will do no matter if the characters flee or not) they will assume that the dragon sightings are of Venomfang, and hopefully the fact that there are two dragons will come as a surprise.

When the characters get back to Phandalin (that maybe has been partly destroyed by a dragon or some cultists) again Sildar will tell them that they have been summoned to the counsel in waterdeep, thus beginning The Rise of Tiamat

So! do you have any ideas or recommendation on how to get this to work? Other ways to foreshadow? Things to pick up from tRoT and introducing earlier?

Please help me guys, you always have the best recommendations and I would like feedback and tips om how to improve this adventure

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