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Implications of an Endless Earth

Many other planes are described as endless. Yet a lot of times, I see people sharing maps of their worlds, implying there's a limit. What if there wasn't?

Immediatly, the question comes how big any single person's view of the world could be. Well, 4 miles an hour, all day, everyday for 120 years is about 170 times around Earth's surface. Calculations for longer lives or faster travel are just multiples of this. All that travel doesn't really mean much though, because you can't really soak in any culture or learn much at that rate. Simply going really, really far doesn't teach you much.

If the world is packed with kingdoms and empires, border nations would go up with the size of the kingdom. But any nation, of any size, will have finite neighbors. I would guess there'd be legands of ancient empires that focused on simply dominating as much land as possible. But after a certain point, a centrally controlled empire cannot maintain the expanding set of information and variables and it'd break down. There'll be a critical mass that depends on the exact system of governance, the geography they happen to be on, the neighbors they happen to have.

The politics of these nations would involve only a few layers of different nations around them, not thousands of earth distances away. Almost certainly not even a couple earth distances away, or a single.

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There could be very large areas of "undeveloped" land. Blank canvases that haven't been populated yet. That would be evidence that time has some sort of begining. Did each race emerge in one spot or do you find the same races appearing across great distances, suggesting they popped in scattershot?

There could be vast oceans. There could be an endless ocean. Of water or of land. We've all toyed with world generators and the land/water sliders.

Oh… the sun and stars. Fuck. Haven't thought of those.

What are the implications, (diestic, geological, weather, cultural, etc.) Of an endless earth?


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