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Improving my Cybernetic System

Content of the article: "Improving my Cybernetic System"

As the title says I have developed a system that can be played in D&D 5e. Though this has been done before I wanted to make my own version of it. I used inspiration from Ebberon, Shadowrun, and other cyberpunk genre games as I wanted the system to affect magic in a positive way.

I'll start with Magic Cybernetics being comprised of a system of Vitality Points and enhancements. Vitality points are simply calculated by the characters hit die divided by 2. A level 1 wizard would have 1d(6)/2=3, 3 Vitality Points. Whereas, a Barbarian of the same level would have 6. The process would there forth repeat itself when a new level is gained. However, in the case of multi-classing, all the player needs to do is to do the process for each class and add the total.

There are two enhancements a player can have their character gain through the spending of Vitality Points.

*Technomagical enhancements, involve the intergration of mechanical parts or artifice into the body using magic. Such as a artificial arm or leg.

*Biomagical enhancements, unlike it's counterpart these focus on combining organic material from around the world and integrating it into the character's body using magic of course. (I figured it would provide some nice fetch quests or other applications, as the players may need to find the necessary organic materials)

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While Technomagical and Biomagical enhancements can accomplish the same goals. Technomagical costs more Vitality Points, but is cheaper in gold. Whereas Biomagical enhancements are the opposite. Both however have several replacements and augmentations that the player can purchase at their leisure. In which;

*a replacement is a replaced limb, such as a artificial arm or even a new one. You can only have one replacement per limb at a time and they can differ from your other limbs.

*augmentations are upgrades that give the player's character certain characteristics. These can be implemented before or even after the character has a replaced body part.

There's more details but that's just fluffy wording while this is the core of the system. While I know it's not perfect I'm looking to improve it, hear other's opinions on if they'd play with it. Why and why not. If you have any questions I'll be happy to answer them. My goal is to make this streamlined and easy to play as possible so many people can enjoy it. That's it, sorry for the long post. But any and all advice and input is greatly appreciated.

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