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In Party Fighting

Fair warning this might be long. A little background first, I'm a newer DM running D&D 5E and I don't know if I handled a situation how I should have. I have a party of 5 level 3's, with the 3 players of note being a Gunslinger human, A Barbarian/Monk Multiclass goliath, and a human Monk. The Goliath wants to be somewhat pacifist and I'm rp'ing it to where the god he worships is urging peace when possible but there will be times to kill, as this campaign is starting off with some basic monsters who are definitely evil no ifs ands or buts.

So long story short there's a small dungeon crawl ending in a fight with a Lamia and some Jackalweres. Its a harrowing fight most of my pcs are brought to the edge of death but they pull off the death. In another room that they hadn't seen yet there are 2 jackalweres unaware of the fight until the Lamia, who I gave telepathy for some narrative flair, called them into the fight but thanks to some good rolls from the players they didn't get there until the Lamia had perished. So I had lowered their hp to essentially make it a one shot kill as the battle had pretty much wound down at this point. One was killed and the goliath wanted to capture the other one alive and grapples it. This is where the story really gets started.

So the Gunslinger who is playing a character that once he perceives a creature as a threat, he's killing it. He kills the grappled jackalwere. This pisses off the goliath who swipes at the gunslinger, he misses but gunslinger takes a shot in retaliation. He shoots the goliath dead but I was controlling a pc who couldn't make it, and she used cure wounds, and healed him. I thought it was over, it was not. Goliath forgot he was raging (Late in battle so still within the minute timeframe as this all happened within one round or so, and then re-rages when that one was up) so half damage brought him back up. This leads to a back and forth between the goliath and the gunslinger, with the goliath taking gunslingers gun and trying to knock him unconscious. The other monk stepped in trying to get the gun, because he's an idiot and wanted the gun, not because he wanted to help. This fight went on far to long (despite 2 low hp's) and while I was trying to have the other PC's do things they wanted to do (i.e. loot, search further) they were getting annoyed with the two fighting as the monk dropped out once he grabbed the gun.

I noticed the lack of enthusiasm and so did the gunslinger so he tried talking to the goliath multiple times to no avail as the Goliath Player insisted as he was raging his character would not listen to reason. At this point I stepped in told the Goliath his rage was over even though I hadn't really been keeping track of rounds but knew it had been no more than 5. This way the gunslinger could try to reason and some other PC's could step in to talk. This whole situation reeks of "it's what my character would do," and I'm not sure if I handled it correctly. What could I do in the future if this comes up again?


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