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In which Swash was Buckled!

Content of the article: "In which Swash was Buckled!"

For those of you out there wondering if you might like playing a Rogue….

Had a mechanically very satisfying encounter playing my Rogue Swashbuckler this weekend.

He's level 7, so he only recently picked up Evasion. We were fighting some melee critters that explode with acid blood when they die, requiring adjacent characters to make a Dex save or take full/half damage.

Well, between Evasion reducing that to zero damage on a save, and Uncanny Dodge halving some hits, and Fancy Footwork allowing me to move away and kite, and Rakish Audacity enabling a lot of Sneak Attacks, I was the party's mainstay in the fight.

Several folks went down or were badly hurt, but my Swashbuckler was never seriously in danger and he was killing right and left. One time I got cornered by two bad guys and couldn't leverage Sneak Attack on them; I disengaged with my Cunning Action, moved away, and used my main action to dodge (since there was no one to sneak attack at the moment), escaping unscathed. Then I turned back on them when they separated and nailed one of them with Sneak Attack. I also got to buckle a little swash; I slid across a table that was in my way and later pulled a curtain down over one of them, blinding him/it. I switched weapons as needed and darted around the suite of rooms we were fighting in. I drew foes off our wounded and sometimes even refrained from killing an exploder next to a wounded comrade, waiting until there was separation.

For once I felt truly slippery and deadly and swashbucklery. like a fantasy character. It was a great example of Rogue and Swashbuckler abilities working together synergistically.

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By the end of the encounter I was largely intact despite having the worst armor class in the party (the spellcasters use Shield a ton) and had expended a total of 1 arrow in resources, not needing any rest and recovery period. My party included a melee cleric with a ridiculous armor class, but the dex-save-based splash damage really hurt her, and the pure spellcasters were terribly hurt physically (although they did considerable offensive output at times). Area damage spells were of limited use in such close quarters. Sneak Attack didn't match the damage of their higher-level spells, but was available almost at will, and the spellcasters often fell back on cantrips to conserve spell slots, so my damage output was probably higher overall than any one of theirs.

I really felt like my character was instrumental in saving my comrades from a gruesome fate.

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