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Incorporating an old player into a revamp campaign. Input wanted.

Content of the article: "Incorporating an old player into a revamp campaign. Input wanted."

So, we had a great D&D group and I had a home brew campaign they were loving. Then, life happened and everyone went their ways. Except one player, who is one of my closest friends.

My campaign dealt with the world getting caught up in the Blood War. Basically, the Demons wan to destroy it for power, and the Devils want to stop them because they'd rather have the steady flow of souls.

My campaign also dealt with merging realities. I have an opportunity to potentially restart this campaign, and I want to bring in my friend's PC as soon as I can. This might get confusing, but I will try to bullet point. My friend plays a gnome monk, and he is a solid RP'er and I think he would go along with this.

  • the character that is the BBEG/Enigma who is a Rakshasa hiding from a bounty on his head by posing as a head of a school of adventurers. The first adventure is the 'graduation exam'.
  • My plan is to have a mini session with the monk in which the Rakshasa explains to him that his timeline/reality/etc. has been consumed by the Demons. They won, but for some weird reason, this gnome finds himself in an alternate reality. The Rakshasa is in hiding and tells the gnome in no uncertain terms that if he blows his cover to the rest of the party, he's dead. I do think my friend would love this intrigue level of RP.
  • The gnome joins the party after their graduation. The first couple of dungeons, that the gnome has already gone through would be tweaked. Most of the party would be playing it fresh, but I would change up some of the contents: trap location, monsters, etc.. Ideally, the gnome would confidently head into familiar territory only to get blindsided by something new, and then for this PC, it will constantly be a question of, "am I remembering this right? What has changed?"
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After the first couple of dungeon 'tutorials', it would be open world and the party might head in a totally different direction, or they might run through a couple of dungeons the monk has been through. We are talking about getting to level 4 or so before everyone is in new territory.

I believe my friend is the type of player that would make this a fun adventure, but wanting to see if I am missing any potential pitfalls.

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