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Indiscriminate Firebombing does have Consequences, Actually

Content of the article: "Indiscriminate Firebombing does have Consequences, Actually"

Running a Lancer campaign where players work for an off-books intelligence agency charged with safekeeping civilization, basically a mix of Section 31, SCP Foundation, and MIB, but with standards

For reference to how weird they can get, players are recruited in a shared dream before waking up, having already accepted the assignment

Player known for playing fucked up character chooses to pilot a Genghis, the fucked up flamethrower mech

Campaign proceeds, players are helping a resistance movement fight a corporation that led a coup and instated a puppet government, find out they are operating a concentration camp where they are sending a segment of the population with a certain genetic set descended from the original colony

final battle of the mission to liberate it has the players evacuating the last few people into an airship with a friendly squad led by a recurring NPC that’s part of their UIB task force while enemy black ops try to kill as many people as possible

Genghis player splits off to try to escort a group of civilians away from everyone else and close to three other enemies

one of the NPC types is a Witch, a dedicated hacker mech that specializes in overheating mech reactors through hacking

Genghis, for reference, has the highest heat capacity and hasn’t lost any stress over the mission, I think he can afford to be dinged up when protecting civilians

Genghis player gets indignant when I have the bad guy mech stand amidst the civilians so he can’t melt it with his flamethrower

Genghis player engages core power, which lets him mitigate reactor damage if he overheats in a giant explosive blast

Is surprised when the Witch hacks him and triggers this

Civilians die an agonizing death over the next 30 seconds as they choke and burn to death

player is indignant when the UIB NPC, a veteran who participated in a galactic revolution after witnessing pretty much this happen, threatens to frag him

gets chewed out by agent in charge for thoughtlessly endangering and killing civilians as well as traumatizing the AI in his mech, character gets mandatory psych evals/therapy

character tries to get out of these as often as possible, openly says they would do it again in the same situation

flash forward to end of campaign arc, player complains about something every combat/session

players had a vision from a tablet etched into their brains, two players lied about their visions, UIB analyzes the tablets and find nothing different about them and are worried the liars might have experienced brain damage, so they send them to get checked

one player relents and recounts his vision, Genghis player doesn’t

becomes clear that they’re withholding information, character is detained

Character is given chance to take drug to help them remember (think that one from the Expanse) except this one is laced with truth serum as well

goes on a rant about EVERYTHING that happened, UIB agent in charge patiently listens

stops before the vision, saying they’ll talk if the agent stops the psych evals

the psych evals, which are the only thing keeping the character from being detained and shipped off for war crime trials

becomes clear to the agent that the character is not only an unreliable, dangerous asset, but will try to hold intelligence hostage from the Union Intelligence Bureau, and is therefore now a danger to the operation

player gets pissed when the character is put to sleep and the information taken out in the dream, as I have established the agent can somehow do

player is not invited back for when the campaign resumes, because even if he joined with a new character, he endlessly complained about the system

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