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I'm a experienced player who took up the dm role in our recently started campaign. My players play the following, olive paleskin, half elf (wizard lvl2/cleric lvl3), theissana mistwinter, eladrin (eldritch knight lvl5) and ririto rito vedalken (lvl5 ua armorer artificer).

Now dming combat for this group is absolutly infuriating, the knight is in full plate and has an AC of 23 with shield, the ua artfificer is worse because he has splint armor that is +1 infused by his own infusion and he has a shield which means he has a 20 AC+ 5 from shield now he loses 2 from his shield because shield is somatic and he cant cast that with his shield on but thats still an AC of 23 at level 5 which is stupid. Next to that those 2 players have absorb elements which means that dex save elemental damage doesnt bother them, the cleric/wizard has it the worst since she has a breastplate and thats it, het constitution modifier is 0 zo she has no hitpoints and goes down really fast.

How combat usually goes is me missing all my multiattacks on them exept if they are nat 20s and them essentialy not going down at al, or i target the wizard cleric which goes down in 1 full round of blows which is not fun for her at al, add to that the abuse of fey step from the knight which gives him a massive range to catch up and an added bonus+ the spamming of a 3d8 when they move booming blade and nothing can run away without suffering an attack from the knight and the blade damage, this knight in particular is absolutly busted, when something moves out of her range it takes a massive amount of damage and she recharges her action surge, fey step and second wind on her rest which is so stupid. The armorer artificer spams aid and uses it as a mass cure wounds when people go down and can gain 4 temporary hitpoints every round with his armors ability, then when he punches people with his thunder fists he gets 2 attacks and then the creature hit has disadvantage on all attacks on other creatures. He also gets advantage on wisdom, intelligence and charisma saving throws from his race and is proficient in wisdom and constitution. The 2 elves can't be sleeped and have advantage on charmed effects.

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To add to all this its all thunder damage which almost nothing us resistant to and combat becomes an absolute nightmare to play out and describe since everything either misses or the wizard/cleric goes down.

I have no idea what to do anymore and its honestly destroying the fun i have with the combat. They can't roleplay well at al so that is slowly getting more fun but in essence 50% of the game is absolutly ruined for me.

Im at my wits end and would apreciate any aid in what i can do to spice up combat at all

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