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Is it okay to add languages to a world even though your players have already made their characters? Is it okay to have a special magical language?

My players are all experienced dnd players in some form. We started the campaign at lv 5 and I had a homebrew world. A lot of it was just in my head and not fully fleshed out but enough that I knew what was going on and about some factions etc. I just didn't have details written down. I told the players that I was still building it and was told by the DM player that you can always build as the campaign goes on and it can be one of the best methods.

I told my players the languages in the phb would exist and that their were a few languages that different continents used at the start that I could think of. One player chose 4 of those.

For example, I have an asian inspired country, a roman/greek inspired country, a norse/celtic inspired continent, and the most recent one is a amazon/aztec inspired continent that they are currently on.

It's been hinted at that the continent speaks a different language as well but I want to cement things as a part of my world building notes. Is it okay to add languages even though I haven't given them as choices during character creation?

I also have one language in a world that is only spoken and written by a special race. This race went missing/extinct very recently in the world and its a big mystery. I brought it up during character creation as part of my ramblings and another player wanted to take it but I said no. They really wanted it but I had reasons in lore for it not being possible and eventually wore down and agreed to a more widely spoken version of it but rare. People don't speak it on the continent it is used out of a kind of respect and sadness for the people it was from. They don't like outsiders messing with it basically.

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The original ancient version has been seen once by the players and I'm debating whether to allow comprehend languages to work on it.

My thought process is that its one version from a race that was inherently tied to nature as its protectors in the world. Since they were the only ones who innately understood it and could only teach it under special conditions, it had some sort of semi magical property to it. Comprehend languages or similar spells kind of ruins that mystery to it.

If its a way of speaking and writing that is that special then I imagine those that aren't "worthy" or "recognized" wouldn't be able to speak, write, or read it. It may even cause psychic damage if someone pushes to hard with those types of spells.

Is this even fair? As a player, would you feel cheated if this is the case?

It doesn't come up and I don't think it will unless the players go looking into this part of the story line. Then I may need to think of ways for there to be access, even if its just the ability to read it through those types of spells. What do you think?

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