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Is my DM railroading us/abusing power?

Content of the article: "Is my DM railroading us/abusing power?"

Hey all, I am about 6 months into a weekly campaign and my dm just did something really frustrating. I need you to tell me if I am out of line here.

I am really frustrated. We met and fought two vampires in game and almost had a TPK last session. I feel like the DM is railroading us in a hamfisted attempt to establish the BBEG.

I love vampire lore. I love the balance – strong at night, weak during the day. Massive powers, severe limitations like forbiddance. I love the ebb and flow of safety and dread.

We own and run an inn. One of our barmaids was kidnapped and a note was left, to come get her.

This is our residence. I get that its a public building so the rules are murky but the fact is, the building is our residence. So forbiddance = not a thing. Cool. Fun.

We are level 7. Vampires are cr 13 and there are two. Neat.

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We fought the vampire during the day, ran away after almost TPKing then bought a scroll of move earth in exchange for a future very dangerous quest fulfilment. I wildshaped into a rhino and cleared the building above the vampires lair. We casted move earth and exposed the coffins to the sunlight.

They were empty and there was no other tunnel.

So vampires being weak and resting during the day is also not a thing. I have to assume that the vampires have multiple resting places if they aren't here which is yet another lore trope ruined, as most of MM talks about the resting place in the singular form.

I am totally disengaged. This isn't fun because there's no balance, every single one of the vampires weaknesses have been nullified. I feel like I am playing a video game and my opponent has all the cheat codes activated.

Am I out of line? Should I just shut up and see where it goes? I absolutely love this game and group but I am no longer looking forward to the next session.

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Edit: the first fight and the second visit were in the same day. There was no way out of the lair that didn't involve passing through sunlight, yet they disappeared. I didn't explain that well enough originally.

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