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Is suggestion as powerful as it seems?

Content of the article: "Is suggestion as powerful as it seems?"

I’m looking over the 2nd lvl spell suggestion, and it seems like it could be incredibly powerful for a lvl 2 spell if worded well! I plan on trying it out in my groups next session and was wondering what the DMs and players of this community thought would be an appropriate use of the spell given it’s description, and I have a few examples I’d like to “test drive” in a sense.

I’m in a group of five 5th lvl players. A monk, a Cleric, a Warlock, A Rogue, and my PC a mutilclass divination wizard/lore bard.

We are currently trying to escape a situation where we were captured and brought to a floating city, and making our way to the docks where the city keeps its floating ships which we plan on taking control of one to escape. Our last session ended with a Young Red Dragon blocking’s our path to the docks, but with everything else in the city being distracted by a large explosion.

My question is. I plan on using suggestion on this dragon to essentially end the combat and I had a couple of ideas and how I should word this suggestion and am wondering from the community if I might be trying to do too much with my suggestion. Here are the examples.

Example 1: Free action speak to the dragon“ Hello dragon, what is such a noble, powerful, and proud creature like yourself doing following the wishes of such lesser beings?” Implying the dragon is some sort of pet or slave. As an act of rebellion….. I cast suggestion “ I suggest you bravely chaperone my friends and I until we are very safe and far away from this place” as a divination wizard I have a portent dice which I rolled a 6 on and I plan on making it auto fail it’s save with this fortelling roll.

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As a DM would you rule against that level of suggestion? Am I making an “unreasonable” suggestion? It doesn’t seem too bad to me given I am using my free action to appeal to the dragons proud nature and I think giving it a reasonable suggestion to act out some of that pride.

Example 2: free action talk “ Mr. Dragon you look a little tired to me….. I cast suggestion “ I suggest you find a nice quiet and secluded place to take a long rest” This one seems quite a bit safer than my first one but also much less impactful.

Both will basically end the combat but the first one could possibly get the dragon to defend my party who he is “bravely chaperoning” if we are attacked during our escape. The spell says the suggestion will end if “ you or one of your companions damage it”. But if it is defending my party and not being hurt by them would the suggestion stick?

As a DM how would you rule for each of these suggestions given my groups current situation? Am I trying to get too much out of suggestion with my first example. I feel like the second example is an easy pass, but if not I’d like to know your reasoning.

Bonus Suggestion: What if I were to make a suggestion to the dragon along these lines? “ I suggest you act as my loyal steed for the rest of the day” would that be “reasonable”?

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