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Is there any way to counter hard DM burn out?

Content of the article: "Is there any way to counter hard DM burn out?"

I've run I've been running 2 groups on roll20 since covid began. Both initially started as weekly and I very much enjoyed it. I was running the same game for both and the prep work was fine.

The second group was fine and dandy, all new players until i added a "that guy" accidentally. He's made running like the game a living hell, rules lawyers for himself perfectly, but tries to get away with crap when it benefits him.

He backseat DMs really hard, so much so that last game he flat out told me we were going to have a talk about a homebrew rule, that he's loved for 7 levels, that has only effected him negatively this one time, like i was his player. Mid game.

Thats an entire issue on its own.

The current breaking point comes from Group 1.

A few months in, in my first group, a player voiced constant immeasurable displeasure with forgotten realms as a whole and modules. To the point where it killed my desire to continue that game.

It was my first module and FR game and I loved it wholly. But i gave way to that player to DM because he was having a kid and it was going to be the last hurrah for him.

I'd been proposing a Monster Hunter game, using amellwinds 5e 3 book mod. Everyone loved the concept.

I tried to get folks to sit down and have a chat about the changes the mod brought, it was a rework that included all the goodies of MH along with all the goodies in 5e. But my players kept telling me to wait until it was ready to run.

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Fast forward to two weeks ago when i finally got my slot back. Ironically enough without the player who made me quit the first game. I done all my work weeks in advance, put in lots of hours creating journal entries for new stuff. Made sure it was simple and everything would be introduced slowly so not to overwhelm the players.

Built the world, did maps, you name it i did it. Set up tables and made it as sandbox as possible.

Again, i wanted to talk about it, i even tried spelling it out, all the changes. Everyone was fine with all the new stuff.

We had our second session last night, and everyone was not fine. They hated it, they wanted none of the monster hunter, and only the DND.

So I've just spent the day gutting the entire system, the story, and i still have so much left to do before it's all gutted down completely. Weeks and hours of work just being shelved in roll20 where they'll never be seen.

I'm holding on to one last thing, they wanted it changed, but I'm holding on to it. If they press to remove it I think I'm going to quit tabletop all together. No more DM'ing, no more being a player.

TL:DR – A failed campaign, one campaign being hijacked by a backseat DM, and players agreeing to play but having me gut all my work because they're not interested in what i tried to explain before i did all the work.

Ready to quit ttrpg all together. How do I refresh myself before I can't continue?

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