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Is this a good puzzle?

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I'm a pretty new DM and my players are level 6 about to go into their 3rd big "dungeon", that being an elder scrolls inspired dwemer ruin.

The objective is to have them restart, fix, or bypass systems in the ruins to reach the top where their current mcguffin is.

The first of these is to get the pump generators functioning in order to proceed to the next area. One of my players has a background heavily invested in the study of these kinds of ruins, and she's the player who loves puzzles most out of the party.

She nails most of my puzzles near instantly and I don't know how much harder I can make them without leaving the rest of the party in the dust.

When they reach the pump room they encounter a control console, a hallway leading to three generators, and an inactive construct on a charging pedestal.

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Upon going to the control station the puzzle is as such:

-Control Console- ONLINE -Remote Access- OFFLINE -Charge Distribution- ONLINE -Pump Generator System- OFFLINE

-Stable power level of 100% achieved at 20 charges… -Damage detected… -Recommended power level- 62.5% -Overflow will be rerouted and discharged…

-Remote reset procedure- INOPERABLE -Manual reset required… -1: Enable charge distribution from control console… -2: Manually activate generators… -3: Confirm from control console…

-Pump Generator Calibration-

Generator 1 adds 10 charges, but halves the total.

Generator 2 adds 5 charges, but doubles the total.

Generator 3 adds 5 charges, but nothing else.

(If 20 charges is 100% What order do you activate the 3 generators in to equal 62.5%?)

Now there are 5 wrong answers and 1 correct answer. If they answer incorrectly the overflow causes the construct to charge up near the control console and discharges to fire near the generators.

The correct order to activate the generators is 2, 3, 1. Is this too easy, too hard? Is it simple enough to understand? Feedback appreciated.

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