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Is this enough content for a session?

Hello DM's!

I've recently taken on the mantle as DM for my group, so if your former Gnome Paladin C.A.L.I.M.E.R.O. is now your DM, please don't read any further. To get a bit used to DMing, I've decided to start of with the prewritten adventure 'Dangerous Designs' in EgtW. Even though I've only done 1 session, it has been a blast, and not just because of the black powder. Next session we'll probably finish the prewritten part and then I'm on my own. The thing I'm struggling with is knowing if I've prepared enough.

Having played with this group as a player for a couple of years now, I'm pretty sure they're going to follow the path I've prepared for them. We're also mostly a combat-oriented group, but we do throw in a bit of RP as well. Our sessions are between 3 and 4 hours and they'll be level 3 for the session.

What I've prepared so far is:

  • (Optional) Partying in Hupperdook: I've prepared Taverns, drinks and a CON based drinking competition.
  • Quest giver who asks them to investigate and clear out a haunted mine for payment. He'll also try to recruit them for the ongoing war effort. I'll also try to probe them if there are any other threads they want to pursue from the previous sessions, but from the first session it seems Bounty Hunting/Monster Slaying. Also a nice thread for a more war-focused campaign.
  • Overseer who explains the mine and asks them to recieve a smugglers cache. This will also give them the opportunity to follow a more crime-focused thread.
  • In the mine they're attacked by Boggles who use their dimensional rift to pelt them with rocks and pebbles, while hiding in minecarts. Once a party member comes close to the minecart, they'll try to grapple them with their Sticky Oil and do a minecart encounter based on the DnD Beyond Mimic Mine encounter.
  • At the end of the track, mop up Boggles.
  • Fight Animated Pickaxes. After the pickaxes, opportunity to rest and loot the area.
  • They'll find the smugglers cache, have to do a grapple contest with a Boggle. If they lose, the Boggle will run deeper into the mine.
  • Fight Dust and Mud Mephits.
  • (Optional) Continuing the path, on their side they see a DEEP 30 feet wide crevice spanned by a broken pulley ski-lift-ish system. The other side is near the Smothering Rug.
  • If they don't cross the crevice they'll have to crawl through a narrow tunnel, but before that they'll have to fight some swarms. After they've defeated the swarms, they can continue to crawl through the tunnel.
  • After the tunnel, they encounter the smuggler's cache again if they've failed to retrieve it earlier. It is now guarded by a Smothering Rug. If they already have the cache they'll be enticed by some shiny gems.
  • Encounter with Darklings. (If the party is very low on resources I might skip this one)
  • (Optional) At an intersection the tunnel to their right is caved in, but they have the option to clear it.
  • If they don't clear it, the path straight ahead is clear and leads to a Hag's lair.
  • The Hag will try to negotiate with the party, ask them to find her a new lair. They might agree, they might fight her. If she starts to lose, she'll try to escape. (Remember the caved in section? It's much easier to open from her side.) They either get the rewards for helping the Hag, or can loot them from her lair.
  • End of session.
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Would this be enough to fill a 3-4 hour session, or should I try to prepare more content?

For those that are interested, yes, there are a lot of fey in this mine. This is because my players all happened to have a tie with the fey in their background. So for the underlying plot I decided that demons are invading the feywild. This way they'll have to break 2 easier barriers (Abyss -> Feywild and Feywild -> Material Plane), instead of 1 difficult barrier (Abyss -> Material Plane). The hag was forced to flee the Feywild, ending up in the mine. She misses her coven and is lonely, which makes the Boggles appear.

So, please let me know if you think this is enough content for a 3-4 hour session. Any and all other advice is welcome as well!

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